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Created July 28, 2022 00:16
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Convert BAT to BTC - Gemini
import json
import gemini
from math import floor
public_key = ""
private_key = ""
symbol = 'BATBTC'
tick_size = 6
quote_currency_price_increment = 8
#update symbol based on what crypto/fiat pair you want to buy. Default is BATBTC, change to BATETH for ETH or BATUSD for USD (for example) - see all possibilities down in symbols and minimums link
#update tick size based on what crypto-pair you are buying. All BAT pairs are 6. Check out the API link below to see what you need for your pair
#update you quote_currency_price_increment based on the BAT pair you're trading. BTC is 8, ETH is 7, USD is 5
def _convertBAT(pub_key, priv_key, sell_size=0):
bat_balance = 0
trader = gemini.PrivateClient(pub_key, priv_key)
if(list((type['available'] for type in trader.get_balance() if type['currency'] == 'BAT'))):
bat_balance = str(list((type['available'] for type in trader.get_balance() if type['currency'] == 'BAT'))[0])
print(f"BAT balance = {bat_balance}")
if sell_size == 0:
sell_size = (floor(float(bat_balance)*(10**(tick_size))))/(10**(tick_size))
print(f"Sell size = {sell_size}")
price = str(round(float(trader.get_ticker(symbol)['ask'])*0.998,quote_currency_price_increment))
print(f"Price: {price}")
#execute maker sell
sell = trader.new_order(symbol, str(sell_size), price, "sell", ["maker-or-cancel"])
print(f'Maker Sell: {sell}')
return [sell_size, price]
def lambda_handler(event, context):
#Provide optional third parameter sell size to _convertBAT to only convert a BTC sized portion of your BAT
#ie. _convertBAT(public_key, private_key, .00001) to sell .00001 BTC of your BAT stack
message = _convertBAT(public_key, private_key)
return {
'statusCode': 200,
'body': json.dumps(f'Placed maker sell order for {symbol}.')
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rhettre commented Jul 28, 2022

Converts all your BAT (if you have any in your gemini account) to BTC. Replace BATBTC with BATETH to get ETH instead. For another cryptocurrency, replace BATBTC with BATUSD and then use the buy scripts to continue your DCA into those tokens with your extra USD from the BAT tokens.

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