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Created July 28, 2022 00:41
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Connect to Sandbox - Buy Demo
import json
import gemini
#you need sandbox public keys / private keys
#you can view your trades at
public_key = ""
private_key = ""
symbol = "BTCUSD"
tick_size = 8
#update symbol based on what crypto/fiat pair you want to buy. Default is BTCUSD, change to BTCEUR for Euros or ETHUSD for Ethereum (for example) - see all possibilities down in symbols and minimums link
#update tick size based on what crypto-pair you are buying. BTC is 8. Check out the API link below to see what you need for your pair
def _buyBitcoin(buy_size,pub_key, priv_key):
# Set up a buy for 0.999 times the current price add more decimals for a higher price and faster fill, if the price is too close to spot your order won't post.
# Lower factor makes the order cheaper but fills quickly (0.5 would set an order for half the price and so your order could take months/years/never to fill)
trader = gemini.PrivateClient(pub_key, priv_key, sandbox=True)
symbol_spot_price = float(trader.get_ticker(symbol)['ask'])
factor = 0.999
#to set a limit order at a fixed price (ie. $55,525) set execution_price = "55525.00" or execution_price = str(55525.00)
execution_price = str(round(symbol_spot_price*factor,2))
#set amount to the most precise rounding (tick_size) and multiply by 0.998 for fee inclusion - if you make an order for $20.00 there should be $19.96 coin bought and $0.04 (0.20% fee)
amount = round((buy_size*.998)/float(execution_price),tick_size)
#execute maker buy with the appropriate symbol, amount, and calculated price
buy = trader.new_order(symbol, str(amount), execution_price, "buy", ["maker-or-cancel"])
print(f'Maker Buy: {buy}')
def lambda_handler(event, context):
_buyBitcoin(20, public_key, private_key)
return {
'statusCode': 200,
'body': json.dumps('End of script')
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