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RE: Flock shutting down

Those who have received the latest Flock update are hopefully now aware that the project is shutting down, with the final EOL date set for October 1st. It is my belief that Flock performed a function not fulfilled by any existing projects, I want to share with you the main reason for EOL so that future projects of the same kind may come about and find greater success.

WebDAV was the wrong choice

Many developers in the Free Software security/crypo/hacker/whatever-this-thing-is scene tend to complain (sometimes vehemently) when a new protocol is developed to replace an existing protocol. For example, 9 out of 10 people in the whatever-this-thing-is scene will tell you there is nothing wrong with XMPP or OTR and argue that you're anti-OSS to try and replace either, I was partially of this mindset when I decided to augment WebDAV for Flock instead of creating something new or using something modern. WebDAV came about in 1999 and it shows in every library and OSS server available today. The Remote Storage protocol seems to have realized this, I'd recommend future projects augment that instead. Choosing the wrong protocol led to unreasonable server costs, at this time Flock is nowhere near affordable.

I'm taking a break

I'm taking a break to do less of this and more of something(s) else. Developing and maintaining an app takes a serious time commitment, one which no longer benefits me as much as it used to. Thanks for the experience.


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hacklschorsch commented Jul 17, 2015

Very sorry to hear. Godspeed!


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cvwright commented Jul 21, 2015

Sad news, but it sounds like you've had an interesting experience along the way. If you're still thinking about this topic, I'm curious what you think about as the basis for a future Flock-like system.

Best of luck on whatever comes next!


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Dyras commented Jul 23, 2015

Yeah wow. Maybe you should put this on the blog?


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patcon commented Aug 12, 2015

Thanks for everything @rhodey! ❤️ Hopefully you're doing well, and definitely take care of yourself, man :)

EDIT: And for the record, I am super-bummed that such an effective person is moving on. Just saying that in case the above message came across as a "meh, no big loss" sort of thing


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frontierpsycho commented Sep 16, 2015

This should be on the blog.


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elimisteve commented Dec 26, 2015

@rhodey Too bad about the shutdown! I'm considering creating something similar to Flock and, like @cvwright, I'm very very curious what you think of . Is it efficient enough? Thanks!

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