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Github Workflow
  1. All new branches are created off of the tip of master.
  2. All commits should be created in a feature, bug, or hotfix branch prefixed by "feature/", "bug/", "hotfix/", respectively.
  3. Commits only find their way into master via the GitHub pull request.
  4. All bug/ branches should start with the Redmine issue number if documented in a Redmine issue.
  5. All branch names should use hyphens, NOT underscores.
  6. The integration branch for a staging site shall be called "staging".
  7. Feature branches should be manually merged into staging, often, and staging should be deployable by any member of the project team to facilitate a rapid client feedback cycle.
  8. Only the project lead should merge pull requests into master and deploy to production, unless that person is unavailable.
  9. There should be an alternate project lead.
  10. Do not generate a pull request until you have client approval for the feature.
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