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Como Docker funciona:


Para visualizar ip do Docker:

ping docker

Visualizar o processos atuais

docker ps

Visualizar as images

docker images

Adicionar images

docker pull debian
docker pull debian:14.0
docker pull ubuntu

Criar container

docker run -it --name test
cat /etc/issue

Para sair do container ctrl + p + q

Ver todas as informações do container

docker inspect <container-id>

Para parar um container

docker stop <container-id>

Para ver todos os containers mesmo que parado

docker ps -a

Para iniciar um container que esta parado

docker start <container-id>

Para entrar no container

docker attach <container-id>
apt-get update
# saia do docker ctrl+p+q
docker diff <container-id>

Criar uma imagem apartir de um container

docker commit -a Ricardo -m "Simple teste" <container-id> debian/minha_imagem:1.0

Removendo container

docker stop <container-id>
docker rm <container-id>
# or docker rm -f<container-id>

Removendo image

docker rmi <image-id>


# Removing all containers with status 'exited'
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q -f status=exited)

# remove all stopped containers (achieve the same effect above)
docker container prune
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