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import sys
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
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data = []
with open(sys.argv[1], "r") as f:
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Thank you so much for your followup, Issa.

  • It's better listed as an organization than a project, please.
  • The launch date was June 2016. 0 FTEs, but 5 part-time volunteers thus far. It is headquartered in in the UK.
  • The initial co-founders include
    • Nell Watson – Evangelist
    • Anish Mohammed – CyberSecurity Strategist
    • Remco Bloemen – Algorithmic Engineer
    • Aleksandra Orchowska – Human Interfaces Specialist
  • Feel free to quote publicly, thank you.
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('Adam Weissman','Machine Intelligence Research Institute',10000.0,'2015-01-17','year','donee contributor list','AI risk','',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL)
('Alan Chang','Machine Intelligence Research Institute',18000.0,'2017-09-29','year','donee contributor list','AI risk','',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL)
('Alan Chang','Machine Intelligence Research Institute',16050.0,'2018-01-17','year','donee contributor list','AI risk','',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL)
('Aleksei Riikonen','Machine Intelligence Research Institute',14372.0,'2015-01-17','year','donee contributor list','AI risk','',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL)
('Alex Edelman','Machine Intelligence Research Institute',5132.0,'2017-12-23','year','donee
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Aaron Gertler
db: [{'donation_date': '2014-08-01', 'amount': 100.0, 'donor': 'Aaron Gertler'}]
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Adam Weissman
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web: [{'donation_date': '2015-01-17', 'amount': 10000.0, 'donor': 'Adam Weissman'}]
Akhil Jalan
db: [{'donation_date': '2016-01-01', 'amount': 31.0, 'donor': 'Akhil Jalan'}]
web: []
Alan Chang
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KeyError '2017-18' Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington 85
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Affordable Healthcare in India
African Institutions Initiative
Animal Health in Developing World
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Basic Science Interest Group
Basic Science Interview Committee
Basic Sci Interview Ctte Shortlist
Beowulf Advisory Group
Bioarchaeology Panel
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75th People
AAS Africa Platform
Advanced Fellowship for Medical Graduates
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Advanced Training Fellowship in Tropical Medicine
Affordable Healthcare in India Award
African Institutions Initiative
AMS Starter Grant for clinical lecturers
Australian/New Zealand - Research Initiative Award
Australian/New Zealand - Travelling Research Fellowship

Dear Issa,

I came across your AI Watch list and found it very interesting.

I would like to bring to your attention the work of GoodAI, and the two initiatives founded by GoodAI - the General AI Challenge and the AI Roadmap Institute, and have them added to the list if possible.

Recently the AI Roadmap Institute has held a number of workshops focusing on mitigating the risks of the so called AI Race. You can read about their first workshop here. The second workshop took place in October, after the AI and Society Summit in Tokyo, and featured participants from the Future of Life Institute, the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk and many other organizations. The report from that workshop should be published by the end of the year.

These workshops have very much paved the way for [round 2 of

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12 W. Europe
14 small WEC
15 L. America
15 W. Asia
16 E. Asia
21 Caribbean
24 Sm. E. Asia
3 Small Afr.
30 E. Asia