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An incomplete list of bizarre failings of the JavaScript programming language
- Prototypal inheritance forces an unstated empty object onto your object with key "prototype"
- functions can act as object constructors but with the same syntax
- empty array members break loops
- Infinity/-Infinity
- +0/-0
- null is an object
- testing NaN === NaN is *always false*
- typeof always returns "object" for all different reference types
- the type of NaN (not a number) is literally "number" but as a string
- void looks like a Java class but its only job is to return undefined
- undefined is a global var which is different from but has type of undefined
- undefined can also be redefined
- null and undefined both exist
- reference types were made to look like Java and should be avoided but are still force converted on to you under the hood on *some* objects
- the DOM api in general
- this
- callback hell
- hoisting
- parseInt() defaults to Base 2 not Base 10
- .sort converts array members to strings making "10" appear before "1"
- { } + { } = "" empty string
- 0.1 + 0.2 = 0.30000000000000004
- you can monkey patch/blow away almost any built-in method in the language
- 0 and "false" are truthy values
- + symbol (unary operator) overloaded for addition and concatenation
- auto semicolon insertion
- "new" required for object instantiation vs function reference with no error
- "new Boolean(false)" is true
- global vars infect you everywhere
- oh and don't forget all browsers implement it a little bit differently just like CSS—especially critical features like event handlers, e.g. "click"
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