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Bash script to pull git repositories, clone them, view log and grab the first email address seen.
# Set up a repos.txt file that contains a list of all the repos
# one repo per line. Then create an emails.txt file which is where
# all the emails will go. It'll be a CSV file so you can verify.
# This is a quick hacky way to get emails, not sure if I covered all
# valid characters in regex but didn't need precision. Feel free to
# make it better!
file="emails.txt" # Where emails go (CSV file)
while read p; do
echo "Working on $p"
git clone $p;
[[ $p =~ $reponame ]]
echo "Folder: $folder"
cd $folder
var=`git log`
[[ $var =~ $email ]]
cd ..
echo "Add ${BASH_REMATCH[1]} to emails.txt"
printf "$p, ${BASH_REMATCH[1]}\n" >> $file
rm -rf $folder
done < repos.txt
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