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# See official docs at
# pip install dash pandas
from dash import Dash, dcc, html, Input, Output
import as px
import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv('')
dannyockilson / gist:52a444195f0df873cc1c
Created March 13, 2015 17:11
Simple Angular Service for WordPress
'use strict';
angular.module('wordpress', [])
.service( 'wpService',
function($http, $q){
var url = 'http://allin.local/wp-json/';
badfeather / sunrise.php
Last active June 8, 2021 18:58
Allow nested folder paths in WordPress Multisite with subdirectories
* Allow nested folder paths in WordPress Multisite with subdirectories
* Updated from to account for latest WordPress code
* .htaccess rules also need to be changed to:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
fabrizim / acf-customizer-patch.php
Last active January 17, 2024 02:30
Plugin to allow for Advanced Custom Fields to be used in widgets within the Customizer
Plugin Name: ACF Customizer Patch
Plugin URI:
Description: A class to allow acf widget fields to be stored with normal widget settings and allow for use in customizer.
Author: Mark Fabrizio
Version: 1.0
Author URI:
class acf_customizer_patch
derekconjar / wordpress-firebase.php
Last active April 25, 2024 15:21
An example of using Firebase and WordPress together. The idea is to use WP's custom post types and metaboxes to make content management easy, and sync with Firebase so that your websites have access to a real-time JSON feed of your custom data.
* All custom functions should be defined in this class
* and tied to WP hooks/filters w/in the constructor method
class Custom_Functions {
// Custom metaboxes and fields configuration
helen / wp-chosen-tax-metabox.php
Last active April 24, 2022 02:25
Use Chosen for a replacement WordPress taxonomy metabox
* WordPress Chosen Taxonomy Metabox
* Author: Helen Hou-Sandi
* Use Chosen for a replacement taxonomy metabox in WordPress
* Useful for taxonomies that aren't changed much on the fly and are
* non-hierarchical in nature, as Chosen is for flat selection only.
* You can always use the taxonomy admin screen to add/edit taxonomy terms.
* Categories need slightly different treatment from the rest in order to
irae /
Last active January 29, 2024 12:38 — forked from kylebarrow/example.html
Stay Standalone: Prevent links in standalone web apps opening Mobile Safari

#Stay Standalone

A short script to prevent internal links to a "webapp" added to iPhone home screen to open in Safari instead of navigating internally.