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Issue with the ipn notification with Active Paypal Adaptive Payment

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# I've been trying to get the notification back from the ipn_notification but its not working. My payment is working properly and is # functional. I am having trouble with the IPN. I would like to retrieve the information of the payment toward the app.
def checkout
response = @gateway.setup_purchase(
:return_url => "http://localhost:3000",
:cancel_url => "http://localhost:3000",
:ipn_notification_url => orders_notify_action_url,
:receiver_list => recipients
redirect_to (@gateway.redirect_url_for(response["payKey"]))
def notify_action
notify =
p "Notification object is #{notify}"
if notify.acknowledge
p "Transaction ID is #{notify.transaction_id}"
p "Notification object is #{notify}"
p "Notification status is #{notify.status}"
render :nothing => true
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