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Laravel Storage and Parallel Testing - CreatesFakeStorage
namespace Tests;
use Storage;
use Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem;
trait CreatesFakeStorage
* Replace the given disk with a local testing disk. We use a unique
* base path for every test to prevent issues with the filesystem
* when running tests in a multi process environment.
* @param string|null $disk
* @return void
protected function fakeStorage($disk = null)
$disk = $disk ?: $this->$app['config']->get('filesystems.default');
$time = (int) (microtime(true) * 1000);
$base = storage_path('framework/testing/' . $time);
$root = $base . '/disks/' . $disk;
$this->beforeApplicationDestroyed(function() use ($base) {
(new Filesystem)->deleteDirectory($base);
Storage::set($disk, Storage::createLocalDriver(['root' => $root]));
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