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Last active Jan 7, 2021
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Records vs Classes (with init)
<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">
using System;
using System.Linq;
using static System.Console;
var user = "Lion-O";
var password = "jaga";
var rememberMe = true;
LoginResourceRecord lrr1 = new(user, password, rememberMe);
var lrr2 = new LoginResourceRecord(user, password, rememberMe);
var lrc1 = new LoginResourceClass(user, password, rememberMe);
var lrc2 = new LoginResourceClass(user, password, rememberMe);
WriteLine($"Test record equality -- lrr1 == lrr2 : {lrr1 == lrr2}");
WriteLine($"Test class equality -- lrc1 == lrc2 : {lrc1 == lrc2}");
WriteLine($"Print lrr1 hash code -- lrr1.GetHashCode(): {lrr1.GetHashCode()}");
WriteLine($"Print lrr2 hash code -- lrr2.GetHashCode(): {lrr2.GetHashCode()}");
WriteLine($"Print lrc1 hash code -- lrc1.GetHashCode(): {lrc1.GetHashCode()}");
WriteLine($"Print lrc2 hash code -- lrc2.GetHashCode(): {lrc2.GetHashCode()}");
WriteLine($"{nameof(LoginResourceRecord)} implements IEquatable<T>: {lrr1 is IEquatable<LoginResourceRecord>} ");
WriteLine($"{nameof(LoginResourceClass)} implements IEquatable<T>: {lrr1 is IEquatable<LoginResourceClass>}");
WriteLine($"Print {nameof(LoginResourceRecord)}.ToString -- lrr1.ToString(): {lrr1.ToString()}");
WriteLine($"Print {nameof(LoginResourceClass)}.ToString -- lrc1.ToString(): {lrc1.ToString()}");
public record LoginResourceRecord(string Username, string Password, bool RememberMe);
public class LoginResourceClass
public LoginResourceClass(string username, string password, bool rememberMe)
Username = username;
Password = password;
RememberMe = rememberMe;
public string Username { get; init; }
public string Password { get; init; }
public bool RememberMe { get; init; }

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@richlander richlander commented Sep 11, 2020

The differences between a record and a class (using init) can be seen in the dissasembly for LoginResource as a record and LoginResource as a class.


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@revirth revirth commented Jan 7, 2021

line 20, you were going to do like this?

{lrc1 is IEquatable<LoginResourceClass>}
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