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Created April 5, 2017 04:07
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.NET Framework 4.7 Crypto Sample
privatestaticECDsa CreatePublicKey(ECDsa privateKey)
// Export the public portion of the ECDSA key.
// The public portion being the curve and the Q point.
ECParameters keyParameters = privateKey.ExportParameters(includePrivateParameters:false);
// Rather than having to create a key and call ImportParameters you can just pass the
// parameters to Create for a convenient one-liner.
privatestaticECDsa CreateBrainpoolKeyIfAble()
// New with Windows 10; will throw on earlier Windows versions
catch (PlatformNotSupportedException)
privatestaticECCurve? s_explicitNistP256Curve;
privatestaticECDsa NormalizeToNamedCurve(ECDsa ecdsa)
ECParameters publicParameters = ecdsa.ExportParameters(false);
ECCurve keyCurve = publicParameters.Curve;
if (keyCurve.IsNamed)
return ecdsa;
if (!keyCurve.IsExplicit)
// Currently the only option which is neither Named or Explicit is Implicit,
// which should never come back from Export. But, who knows what the future holds?
ECCurve nistp256;
if (!s_explicitNistP256Curve.HasValue)
// Create a key using the NIST P-256 curve.
using (ECDsa temp = ECDsa.Create(ECCurve.NamedCurves.nistP256))
// Export the parameters with explicit curve form, giving
// G, P, and the rest.
nistp256 = temp.ExportExplicitParameters(false).Curve;
s_explicitNistP256Curve = nistp256;
nistp256 = s_explicitNistP256Curve.Value;
if (keyCurve.IsPrime == nistp256.IsPrime &&
keyCurve.A.SequenceEqual(nistp256.A) &&
keyCurve.B.SequenceEqual(nistp256.B) &&
keyCurve.Prime.SequenceEqual(nistp256.Prime) &&
keyCurve.G.X.SequenceEqual(nistp256.G.X) &&
// Order and Cofactor could also be checked, but they're derived terms.
// Hash and Seed could also be checked, but they're not guaranteed to
// be exported.
ECParameters reimportParameters =newECParameters
Curve =ECCurve.NamedCurves.nistP256,
Q = publicParameters.Q,
// This example just uses the public key, but if you wanted to normalize
// a private key you could try exporting with private parameters, but
// beware of exceptions (no private key, key not exportable)
ECDsa newobj =ECDsa.Create(reimportParameters);
return newobj;
// Not sure what this is, but it isn't nistp256!
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dhcgn commented Apr 9, 2017

Thx for the integration of brainpool curves!

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