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Streaming XML standardiser implementation in Groovy using NUX. Allows feeds to be processed via DB configuration rather than XSL
package richmarr.xml.example
import org.xml.sax.InputSource
import nu.xom.*
import nux.xom.xquery.*
// this would normally be pulled from a database
def config = [
item : "/xpath/to/item/elements",
fields : [
id : "./id/text()",
title : "./title/text()",
description : "./desc/text()"
def feedName = "testA"
InputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream("target/raw/${feedName}.xml")
OutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream("target/standardised/${feedName}.xml")
StreamingSerializerFactory factory = new StreamingSerializerFactory();
StreamingSerializer out = factory.createXMLSerializer( outputStream, "UTF-8" );
out.writeStartTag(new Element("items"));
StreamingTransform itemTransform = new StreamingTransform() {
public Nodes transform( Element item ) {
out.writeStartTag(new Element("item"))
config.fields.each { fieldEntry ->
Nodes results = XQueryUtil.xquery( item, fieldEntry.value )
if (results.size() > 0)
out.writeStartTag(new Element(fieldEntry.key))
out.write(new Text( results.get(0).getValue() ))
return new Nodes()
// parse document with a filtering Builder
Builder builder = new Builder(new StreamingPathFilter( config.item, null ).createNodeFactory( null, itemTransform )); InputSource(inputStream));
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