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Created September 12, 2014 14:39
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IDX Shortcode Documentation


Description: Used to display a form

Allowed Attributes:

  • id -- The id of the form to be displayed.
  • action -- Sets the 'action' HTML attribute on the form (i.e. where it submits to)

Available Forms:

  • cma-request
  • profile
  • property-info
  • register
  • schedule-showing

Example Usage:

  • [idx_form id="property-info"]
  • [idx_form id="property-info" action=""]


Description: Used to load a template. Directly passes the template name to the idx_template() function. Loads a template in this order:

  • from the child theme
  • from the parent theme
  • from the plugin

Allowed Attributes:

  • name -- The name of the template to be loaded.

Example Usage:

  • [idx_template name="quick-search.php"]


Description: Used to load results from a query. Calls the idx_loop() function with provided parameters.

Allowed Attributes:

  • broker_id -- A broker ID or a comma separated list of broker IDs.
  • agent_id -- An agent ID or a comma separated list of agent IDs.
  • city -- The name of a city or a comma separated list of cities.
  • zip -- The zip code or a comma separated list of zip codes.
  • county -- The name of a county or a comma separated list of counties.
  • subdivision -- The name of a subdivision or a comma separated list of subdivisions.
  • area -- An area number or a comma separated list of area numbers.
  • mls -- An MLS number or a comma separated list of MLS numbers.
  • type -- A property type valid for the current MLS. Defaults to all.
  • minprice -- Numeric value for minimum price to display. Defaults to none.
  • maxprice -- Numeric value for maximum price to display. Defaults to none.
  • sold -- Boolean to show only sold/unsold properties. Defaults to false.
  • template -- The name of the template to use for each result.
  • sort -- Boolean to enable / disable sorting. Defaults to true.
  • shuffle -- Boolean to enable / disable random listings. Defaults to false. Cannot be used with pagination or another sorting method.
  • limit -- Number of listings to show per page. Defaults to 12.
  • pagination -- Boolean to enable / disable pagination. Defaults to true.
  • sticky_broker_id -- A single broker ID or use 'default' to use the site's default broker id (set in SW_IDX_BROKER_ID). Sorts listings for the selected broker first. Default is disabled.
  • sticky_agent_id -- An agent ID or comma separated list of agent IDs. Sorts listings for the selected agent(s) first. Default is disabled.
  • wrapper_id -- An ID to be used for the idx_results div. Default is none.

Example Usage:

  • [idx_results]
  • [idx_results sort="false"]
  • [idx_results template="idx-excerpt-featured.php"]
  • [idx_results wrapper_id="idx-results"]
  • [idx_results broker_id="VRPP01"]
  • [idx_results broker_id="ABCR01,VRPP01"]
  • [idx_results agent_id="BAKERS"]
  • [idx_results agent_id="BAKERS,BHAGGAN"]
  • [idx_results agent_id="BAKERS" sold="true"]
  • [idx_results city="St. Marys"]
  • [idx_results city="Snellville, St. Marys"]
  • [idx_results zip="30078"]
  • [idx_results zip="30078, 30039"]
  • [idx_results county="Gwinnett"]
  • [idx_results county="Fulton,Gwinnett"]
  • [idx_results subdivision="Berkeley Hills"]
  • [idx_results subdivision="Berkeley Hills, Oakdale"]
  • [idx_results area="62"]
  • [idx_results area="62,336"]
  • [idx_results mls="5256126"]
  • [idx_results mls="5256126,5259152,5265247"]
  • [idx_results type="Condominium & Townhouse" broker_id="BHCO01"]
  • [idx_results county="Dekalb" city="Atlanta"]
  • [idx_results city="Sandy Springs" zip="30342"]
  • [idx_results subdivision="Argonne Forest" zip="30305"]
  • [idx_results zip="30078" sticky_broker_id="default"]
  • [idx_results zip="30078" sticky_broker_id="2708" sticky_agent_id="18837,28337"]

Future Updates:

Flags: Foreclosure, Short Sale, REO Example: [idx_results city="Lawrenceville" flag="Foreclosure"]

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