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Created August 5, 2016 04:15
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call the slack team.accessLogs API to output which of your Slack users are not using a desktop or mobile Slack app
package main
import (
type SlackAccessLog struct {
Status bool `json:"ok"`
Logins []SlackAccessLogEntry `json:"logins"`
PagingData SlackAccessLogPaging `json:"paging"`
type SlackAccessLogEntry struct {
UserID string `json:"user_id"`
Username string `json:"username"`
DateFirst int64 `json:"date_first"`
DateLast int64 `json:"date_last"`
Count int `json:"count"`
IP string `json:"ip"`
UserAgent string `json:"user_agent"`
ISP string `json:"isp"`
Country string `json:"country"`
Region string `json:"region"`
type SlackAccessLogPaging struct {
Count int `json:"count"`
Total int `json:"total"`
Page int `json:"page"`
Pages int `json:"pages"`
// helper func to do a case-insensitive search
func caseinsensitivecontains(a, b string) bool {
return strings.Contains(strings.ToUpper(a), strings.ToUpper(b))
var (
page int = 1
pages int = 101
token string = "REDACTED"
slackurl string = ""
func main() {
var sal SlackAccessLog
// 100 pages of JSON max from the team.accessLogs Slack API
for page := 1; page < pages; page++ {
// build the url
url := fmt.Sprintf("%s?token=%s&page=%d", slackurl, token, page)
// create the request
req, err := http.NewRequest("GET", url, nil)
if err != nil {
log.Fatal("error: %s", err)
// create the http client
client := &http.Client{}
// get the response
response, err := client.Do(req)
if err != nil {
log.Fatal("error: %s", err)
defer response.Body.Close()
// decode the JSON response into our SlackAccessLog var
if err := json.NewDecoder(response.Body).Decode(&sal); err != nil {
// range through this page of the response and ignore Slack App/Android/iPhone useragents
for _, dj := range sal.Logins {
if !(caseinsensitivecontains(dj.UserAgent, "Slack_SSB") || caseinsensitivecontains(dj.UserAgent, "Android") || caseinsensitivecontains(dj.UserAgent, "iPhone")) {
tm := time.Unix(dj.DateLast, 0)
fmt.Printf("%s\t%s\t%s\n", dj.Username, tm, dj.UserAgent)
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