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Created January 8, 2019 21:52
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import os
from import bigquery
def csv_loader(data, context):
client = bigquery.Client()
dataset_id = os.environ['DATASET']
dataset_ref = client.dataset(dataset_id)
job_config = bigquery.LoadJobConfig()
job_config.schema = [
bigquery.SchemaField('id', 'INTEGER'),
bigquery.SchemaField('first_name', 'STRING'),
bigquery.SchemaField('last_name', 'STRING'),
bigquery.SchemaField('email', 'STRING'),
bigquery.SchemaField('gender', 'STRING'),
bigquery.SchemaField('ip_address', 'STRING')
job_config.skip_leading_rows = 1
job_config.source_format = bigquery.SourceFormat.CSV
# get the URI for uploaded CSV in GCS from 'data'
uri = 'gs://' + os.environ['BUCKET'] + '/' + data['name']
# lets do this
load_job = client.load_table_from_uri(
print('Starting job {}'.format(load_job.job_id))
print('Function=csv_loader, Version=' + os.environ['VERSION'])
print('File: {}'.format(data['name']))
load_job.result() # wait for table load to complete.
print('Job finished.')
destination_table = client.get_table(dataset_ref.table(os.environ['TABLE']))
print('Loaded {} rows.'.format(destination_table.num_rows))
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ritutiw commented Aug 9, 2021

this works when we have one csv file and one table what if we have multiple csv that maps to multiple table.How to pass that infor in env.yml

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