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Created Jan 8, 2019
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import os
from import bigquery
def csv_loader(data, context):
client = bigquery.Client()
dataset_id = os.environ['DATASET']
dataset_ref = client.dataset(dataset_id)
job_config = bigquery.LoadJobConfig()
job_config.schema = [
bigquery.SchemaField('id', 'INTEGER'),
bigquery.SchemaField('first_name', 'STRING'),
bigquery.SchemaField('last_name', 'STRING'),
bigquery.SchemaField('email', 'STRING'),
bigquery.SchemaField('gender', 'STRING'),
bigquery.SchemaField('ip_address', 'STRING')
job_config.skip_leading_rows = 1
job_config.source_format = bigquery.SourceFormat.CSV
# get the URI for uploaded CSV in GCS from 'data'
uri = 'gs://' + os.environ['BUCKET'] + '/' + data['name']
# lets do this
load_job = client.load_table_from_uri(
print('Starting job {}'.format(load_job.job_id))
print('Function=csv_loader, Version=' + os.environ['VERSION'])
print('File: {}'.format(data['name']))
load_job.result() # wait for table load to complete.
print('Job finished.')
destination_table = client.get_table(dataset_ref.table(os.environ['TABLE']))
print('Loaded {} rows.'.format(destination_table.num_rows))
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