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Last active January 20, 2022 00:59
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# Wordle -
# This little program looks up a suitable word given
# state of the puzzle (from 2022-Jan-19)
# -----
# rems_known = "nip"
def eliminated_letter_in_word(w: str) -> bool:
eliminated_letters = "raseblmchksweufy"
for i in eliminated_letters:
if i in w:
return True
return False
count = 0
with open('/usr/share/dict/american-english') as f:
for w in f:
if len(w) == 6:
# NOTE: We look for 6 because w will have newline
# (Pdb) print(w.split('.'))
# ['Abby\n']
w = w.rstrip()
count += 1
if not eliminated_letter_in_word(w):
if w[2] == 'i':
if 'n' in w and 'p' in w:
# The word has 'i' in the middle, and contains
# the letters 'n' and 'p'
print(f"{count} 5-letter words searched")
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