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# Rick Startup.ps1
# Rick Upton, November 1, 2015
# |
# This script:
# 1) Compacts Microsoft Outlook personal storage table (PST) data files.
# 2) Backs up PST data files into a date and time stamped folder.
# 3) Launches multiple applications.
# To set this script up to launch every time you log into Windows:
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;//Compact all PST files.au3
;//Rick Upton, November 1, 2015
;// |
;//This AutoIT script is a slightly modified version of code posted here:
;//The purpose of this code is to automatically compact all Outlook PST files on a Windows PC.
;//Using a PowerShell script, open the Mail control panel and then run this script using the following two commands:
;//Show-ControlPanelItem Mail*
;//Start-Process "C:\Compact all PST files.au3" -Wait