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Created May 22, 2018 19:46
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'use strict'
const crypto = require('crypto')
* Do a constant time string comparison. Always compare the complete strings
* against each other to get a constant time. This method does not short-cut
* if the two string's length differs.
* @param {string} a
* @param {string} b
* @return {boolean}
module.exports = function(a, b) {
const strA = String(a)
const strB = String(b)
const len = Math.max(Buffer.byteLength(strA), Buffer.byteLength(strB))
const bufA = Buffer.alloc(len, 0, 'utf8')
const bufB = Buffer.alloc(len, 0, 'utf8')
return crypto.timingSafeEqual(bufA, bufB)
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