Clean Binary Files from source Tree

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project xmlns="" DefaultTargets="CleanAll">
<Target Name="CleanAll">
<CreateItem Include=".\**\debug\**\*;.\**\release\**\*;.\**\sql\**\*;.\TestResults\**\*;.\**\*.*scc;.\**\*.user">
<Output ItemName="DbgFiles" TaskParameter="Include"/>
<Message Text="Deleting Debug Files" Importance="high" />
<Delete Files="%(DbgFiles.Identity)" ContinueOnError="true" TreatErrorsAsWarnings="true">
<Output ItemName="DeletedFiles1" TaskParameter="DeletedFiles"/>
<Message Text="%(DeletedFiles1.Identity)" />

Simple MSBUILD script to clean binary files from bin\debug and obj folders

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