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Last active May 22, 2020
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Python uploader for dropbox (original found at
import os
import subprocess
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
#The directory to sync
#Path to the Dropbox-uploaded shell script
uploader = "/home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/extraconfig/shell_code/"
#If 1 then files will be uploaded. Set to 0 for testing
upload = 1
#If 1 then don't check to see if the file already exists just upload it, if 0 don't upload if already exists
overwrite = 0
#If 1 then crawl sub directories for files to upload
recursive = 1
#Delete local file on successfull upload
deleteLocal = 0
filesToExclude = ['secrets.yaml']
dirsToExclude = ['deps', '.git']
#Prints indented output
def print_output(msg, level):
print((" " * level * 2) + msg)
#Gets a list of files in a dropbox directory
def list_files(path):
p = Popen([uploader, "list", path], stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
output = p.communicate()[0].decode("utf-8")
fileList = list()
lines = output.splitlines()
for line in lines:
if line.startswith(" [F]"):
line = line[5:]
line = line[line.index(' ')+1:]
return fileList
#Uploads a single file
def upload_file(localPath, remotePath):
p = Popen([uploader, "upload", localPath, remotePath], stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
output = p.communicate()[0].decode("utf-8").strip()
if output.startswith("> Uploading") and output.endswith("DONE"):
return 1
return 0
#Uploads files in a directory
def upload_files(path, level):
fullpath = os.path.join(syncdir,path)
print_output("Syncing " + fullpath,level)
if not os.path.exists(fullpath):
print_output("Path not found: " + path, level)
#Get a list of file/dir in the path
filesAndDirs = os.listdir(fullpath)
#Group files and directories
files = list()
dirs = list()
for file in filesAndDirs:
filepath = os.path.join(fullpath,file)
if os.path.isfile(filepath):
if os.path.isdir(filepath):
print_output(str(len(files)) + " Files, " + str(len(dirs)) + " Directories",level)
#If the path contains files and we don't want to override get a list of files in dropbox
if len(files) > 0 and overwrite == 0:
dfiles = list_files(path)
#Loop through the files to check to upload
for f in files:
if f not in filesToExclude:
print_output("Found File: " + f,level)
if upload == 1 and (overwrite == 1 or not f in dfiles):
fullFilePath = os.path.join(fullpath,f)
relativeFilePath = os.path.join(path,f)
print_output("Uploading File: " + f,level+1)
if upload_file(fullFilePath, relativeFilePath) == 1:
print_output("Uploaded File: " + f,level + 1)
if deleteLocal == 1:
print_output("Deleting File: " + f,level + 1)
print_output("Error Uploading File: " + f,level + 1)
print_output("filesToExclude: " + f,level)
#If recursive loop through the directories
if recursive == 1:
for d in dirs:
if d not in dirsToExclude:
print_output("Found Directory: " + d, level)
relativePath = os.path.join(path,d)
upload_files(relativePath, level + 1)
print_output("dirsToExclude: " + d,level)

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@PierfrancescoElia PierfrancescoElia commented Nov 3, 2018

Hi, is there a way to skip all hidden files (they all start with a .)?
Thank you.

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