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Last active Oct 4, 2019
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exploring C# 8
public static IArgumentMatcher? Create(Expression arg) => arg switch
MethodCallExpression call when call.Method.DeclaringType == typeof(Arg) => call.Method.Name switch
nameof(Arg.Ignore) => (IArgumentMatcher)new IgnoreArgument(),
nameof(Arg.Where) => new LambdaArgument(call.Arguments.Single()),
_ => throw new InvalidOperationException()
_ => null
public static IArgumentMatcher Create(Expression arg)
if (arg is MethodCallExpression call && call.Method.DeclaringType == typeof(Arg))
switch (call.Method.Name)
case "Ignore":
return new IgnoreArgument();
case "Equals":
return new EqualsArgument(call.Arguments[0]);
throw new NotImplementedException();
return null;
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