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Created Jun 22, 2018
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
from subprocess import check_output
from re import findall, DOTALL, MULTILINE
inputs = findall(r'.*?index: (\d+).*?sink: (\d+).*?application\.process\.id = "(\d+)"',
check_output(['pacmd', 'list-sink-inputs']).decode("utf-8"), DOTALL|MULTILINE)
sinks = findall(r'index: (\d+)', check_output(['pacmd', 'list-sinks']).decode("utf-8"))
focused_window = check_output(['xdotool', 'getwindowfocus'])
focused_pid = check_output(['xdotool', 'getwindowpid', focused_window]).strip().decode("utf-8")
for app in inputs:
if app[2] == focused_pid:
# find new sink index
index = 0
for i in range(len(sinks)):
if sinks[i] == app[1]:
index = (i + 1) % len(sinks) # rotation
check_output(['pacmd', 'move-sink-input', app[0], sinks[index] ])

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@rif rif commented Jun 22, 2018

requires pacmd and xdotool. I use it assigning a shortcut key in i3wm

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