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Last active May 13, 2016
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rightfold's constructive contribution guidelines template (work in progress)

Contribution guidelines

What is a contribution?

A contribution is any of the following:

  • pull request,
  • bug report,
  • feature request,
  • discussion, or
  • [other contribution types].

Opinions expressed in communication channels other than those provided by the project do not count as contributions. Complaining about them in a communication channel provided by the project counts as a harmful contribution (see below). This avoids time wasting on unfixable issues. Everybody is free to contribute, regardless of their background and opinions.

If you believe you found a security issue, please contact [email address] and await further instructions. Do not discuss it in public nor with people you do not trust.

What can I expect when I provide a contribution?

Contributions are divided into three categories:

Valuable contributions

Valuable contributions are welcome. They may influence the project in various ways, for example:

  • a good pull request may be merged;
  • a good bug report may be scheduled to be fixed;
  • a good feature request may result in the requested feature being implemented;
  • a good discussion may ultimately lead to any of the above; and
  • [other examples].

Unvaluable contributions

Unvaluable contributions are welcome. Feedback on how to improve them may be provided by other contributions. Examples of unvaluable contributions are:

  • a pull request that does not include unit tests;
  • a bug report that cannot be reproduced;
  • a feature request that is out of the scope of the project; and
  • [other examples].

Harmful contributions

Harmful contributions are not welcome. They will be silenced to the extent possible to prevent derailing of harmless contributions. Examples of harmful contributions are:

  • off-topic contributions;
  • a pull request that contains malware;
  • trolling;
  • calling people names; and
  • [other examples].

How do I contribute?

[contribution instructions]

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