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#include <cstddef>
#include <cxxabi.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <typeinfo>
class Value {
virtual ~Value() = 0;
std::size_t refcount;
friend void mill_retain(void*);
friend void mill_release(void*);
Value::~Value() {
std::cout << "Value\n";
struct X {
void* vptr;
int main() {
// The virtual table contains offset-to-top and RTTI fields followed by virtual function pointers.
// There is one function pointer entry for each virtual function declared in the class, in declaration
// order, with any implicitly-defined virtual destructor pair last.
struct {
std::ptrdiff_t ott;
void* rtti;
void (* dtor)(X*);
void (* dtor2)(X*);
} vtable; = 0;
vtable.rtti = new abi::__si_class_type_info("hahaha ur mom", (abi::__class_type_info*)&typeid(Value));
vtable.dtor = vtable.dtor2 = [] (X* this_) {
std::cout << "X\n";
X* x = new X;
x->vptr = &vtable.dtor;
std::cout << typeid(*reinterpret_cast<Value*>(x)).name() << '\n';
delete reinterpret_cast<Value*>(x);
return 0;
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