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rikless /
Created August 16, 2016 06:19
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du -sk -- * | sort -n | perl -pe '@SI=qw(K M G T P); s:^(\d+?)((\d\d\d)*)\s:$1." ".$SI[((length $2)/3)]."\t":e'
View Eloquent relations parameters
hasMany : model remote local
BelongsTo: model local remote
hasOne : model remote local
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421 421 421
7 7 7
user group other
rwx rwx rwx
rikless / ff-font-arch
Created February 15, 2014 13:32
fix firefox font issue on archlinux
View ff-font-arch
ln -s /etc/fonts/conf.avail/70-no-bitmaps.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/
View restfulizer.js
* Taken from
* and added a datum attr to submit data along with the RESTful request
* Restfulize any hiperlink that contains a data-method attribute by
* creating a mini form with the specified method and adding a trigger
* within the link.
* Requires jQuery!
* Ex in Laravel:
rikless /
Created August 15, 2013 20:51 — forked from JeffreyWay/
alias gundo='git reset HEAD~ && git clean -df'