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Project Name Selection

Name assessment for an online project

Discard unworkable names as they come up

It won't tell you if the name is good, but it should save you the pain of picking a bad name.

  • Is .com available?

    Usually it's the first one to go

  • Is there a website behind it?

    Just go to the URL

  • Can the domain be purchased?

    A fixed price offer is a good start

  • Any connotation?

    Ask a few people what they think it is for.

  • Can it be mis-read?

    E.g. List Entropy => list| -> listen|

  • Is it easily transcribable?

    Can you tell someone the domain name without needing to spell it out?

  • Do people know how to spell it?

    You have to set the bar low. Really really low.

  • Can it be easily misspelled?

    It sure will be.

  • Can it be spelled in more than one way correctly? vs

  • How crowded is the domain space?

    Are there many other TLDs with this name?

  • How crowded is the search?

    Does it have a chance of appearing on page 1 for its own full name search?

  • Does it infringe on any trademarks?

    Check every word separately. FB was chasing anyone using word BOOK unless it is about books.

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