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ripper234 / placepaintbot4.js
Last active April 2, 2017 18:53 — forked from mbarkhau/placepaintbot4.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name PlacePaintBot
// @namespace
// @version 0.4
// @description Domination of Place!
// @author mbarkhau
// @match
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
ripper234 / debug.log
Created June 16, 2015 15:00
Bitcoin Core log
2015-06-16 14:59:17 GUI: "registerShutdownBlockReason: Successfully registered: Bitcoin Core didn't yet exit safely..."
2015-06-16 14:59:17 is a service where people can volunteer to be controlled by others.
You get to make decisions about people on the website.
Some example decisions:
1. what should I eat today, Salmona or Pasta?
2. Should I go on vacation in India or Thailand this year?
3. She I leave my boyfriend, or try to work on it?
It's a "Twitter for decisions".
Erik Voorhees
Adam Draper
Joe Robinson
Pete Rizzo
Michael Terpin
Brock Pierce
Michael Flaxman
Joseph Hsieh
Brayton Williams
Matt Schlicht
ripper234 /
Created June 26, 2014 08:53
First example of a Scripted Crowdsale on the Master Protocol
This method is called by Master Protocol parser when parsing an incoming transaction into a crowdsale address. It is called once per incoming tx.
The method handlePayment() can call on auxilery methods to access some parameters:
0 for BTC, 1 for MSC, etc... as per [the spec](
function drawMouseSpeedDemo() {
var mrefreshinterval = 500; // update display every 500ms
var lastmousex=-1;
var lastmousey=-1;
var lastmousetime;
var mousetravel = 0;
var mpoints = [];
var mpoints_max = 30;
$('html').mousemove(function(e) {
var mousex = e.pageX;
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<mediawiki xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="0.8" xml:lang="en">
<generator>MediaWiki 1.22wmf2</generator>
<namespace key="-2" case="first-letter">Media</namespace>
<namespace key="-1" case="first-letter">Special</namespace>
ripper234 / gist:5478428
Created April 28, 2013 21:08
Export of the Wikipedia article about Lifeboat Foundation, preserved in case it is deleted.
<!-- Please do not remove or change this AfD message until the issue is settled -->
{{AfDM|page=Lifeboat Foundation (2nd nomination)|year=2013|month=April|day=26|substed=yes|origtag=afdx}}
<!-- End of AfD message, feel free to edit beyond this point -->{{notability|date=April 2013}}
{{refimprove|date=April 2013}}
{{Infobox organization
| name = Lifeboat Foundation
| former name =
| image =
| image_border =