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Changelog 2.14.1
  • a20202db7 Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.14.1 - Rish
  • 7f14a505d Version bump to 2.14.1 - Rish
  • 7a6375f93 Version bump to 2.14.1 - Rish
  • 7d3e1aa00 Upgrading Casper to 2.9.2 - Rish
  • fefc8358c 🐛 Fixed Code Injection input fields not being clickable - Kevin Ansfield
  • 21e624249 Removed unused greenkeeper config (TryGhost/Ghost#10479) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • e47d1e275 Fixed image URL to be stored as relative in mobiledoc - Nazar Gargol
  • bc59465b3 Updated .gitignore to remove tracked files (TryGhost/Ghost#10478) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 437e60c34 Added - Hannah Wolfe
  • 3ba467d73 Updated / simplified - Hannah Wolfe
  • bcfe2c368 Updated w/ ref to improved docs - Hannah Wolfe
  • ba9398fdd Updated / simplified - Hannah Wolfe
  • 92621159a Errored if grunt master run in dirty working directory (TryGhost/Ghost#10476) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 78573e0fa Fixed signup acceptance tests sometimes failing - Kevin Ansfield
  • 40535f559 Removed unnecessary TextField override - Kevin Ansfield
  • fd973f60a Fixed signup acceptance tests - Kevin Ansfield
  • bdd57b36c Moved grunt-eslint to npm script executing eslint (TryGhost/Ghost#10474) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 6e0409d6d Bumped ghost-ignition version - Nazar Gargol
  • 986c6d1f0 Removed minimist dev dependency (TryGhost/Ghost#10475) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • aa1b9574a Updated oembed providers list - Kevin Ansfield
  • 29d8755a1 Skipped tests that randomly fail on Travis - Kevin Ansfield
  • 8e75267bb 🐛 Allowed data to be read from root of specified key for static pages (TryGhost/Ghost#10449) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • a2cc2d25b 🐛 Fixed Chrome remembering wrong username when signing up from invitation - Kevin Ansfield
  • 38705ef91 Removed test from request_spec.js - kirrg001
  • 6bae5e3c4 Added yarn fixmodulenotdefined dev task - Kevin Ansfield
  • d299e8676 Fixed JSON Schema validation error message format - Nazar Gargol
  • 28986b3b7 Fixed post.tags validation schema - Nazar Gargol
  • 96cdde80b Fixed validation error when creating new tag from PSM - Nazar Gargol
  • 19643c75d Added JSON Schema validation for /posts endpoint (TryGhost/Ghost#10468) - Naz Gargol
  • e1436e298 Required "event" & "target_url" for webhook creation - kirrg001
  • f8a286869 Allowed POST & DELETE webhooks endpoints for integrations - kirrg001
  • 6616cfe61 Fixed triggering bookshelf event twice - kirrg001
  • 50da5d9ba Corrected debug in base model - kirrg001
  • 7810140f1 Avoided site.changed event if nothing has changed - kirrg001
  • 82c5fc7f5 Ensured API can ask model.wasChanged - kirrg001
  • 4fca28e64 Made use of model.wasChanged - kirrg001
  • a157c147a Added model.wasChanged helper - kirrg001
  • 2eb1f2a50 Avoided inserting actions if nothing has changed - kirrg001
  • b25da62cc Ensured defaults when creating resources - kirrg001
  • a83aa6e18 Added ability to receive toJSON format of previous attributes - kirrg001
  • b83232bf0 Added more webhooks & changed payload - kirrg001
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