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Google Summer of Code 2017 - Rishi Raj - Contributions - FOSSASIA

Google Summer of Code 2017 Final Work Product -

Student Rishi Raj
Github @rishiraj824
Organisation FOSSASIA
Project SUSI Web Chat Application using SUSI.AI Server API


My main task was to develop the new SUSI Web Chat Application. SUSI Web Chat uses the SUSI Server API to handle various chat responses in the form of text, images, emojis, maps etc. The server makes use of different skills which are defined in the Skill Data Repository. The chat app has functionalities such as replying intelligently to user's queries, helping users in their day to day lives, handle various chat settings across all the clients and much more.

I contributed to several SUSI projects of FOSSASIA within the 2017 Google Summer of Code period and my main contribution was towards the SUSI Web Chat Project.

My contributions to SUSI AI repositories are listed below.

SUSI Web Chat: Github Repository


Chat Responses Voice Input/Output Chat Settings
RSS Responses Search Functionality
Authentication Internationalization Theme Support/Emoji Support/Feedback System

SUSI Skill CMS: Github Repository


Skill Editor Skill Description
Browse Skills

SUSI Accounts: Github Repository

SUSI Skills: Github Repository

  • Issues (Assigned/Resolved): Link
  • Commits: Link
  • Pull Requests Link

SUSI Server: Github Repository

Blog Posts

All of my blog posts related to my work can be found in the FOSSASIA Blog


My Daily Scrum Reports (i.e everyday work updates) can be found here.


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