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Last active Jun 9, 2021
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Online man pages comparison

Man page browser comparison

There are a bunch of man page browsers available online. They have different data sources, feature sets, and disadvantages, so here is a short comparison table:

Name ls man page No Trackers/Ads Clickable Headings Links² ToC¹ Local Search Noteworthy
Arch manual pages ls Multiple languages, backlinks ls Multiple OS, versions, and languages. Sub-optimal search
Debian manpages ls Multiple languages and versions, links to other sections
DragonFly Man Pages ls
FreeBSD Manual Pages ls Multiple versions and formats
OpenBSD Manual Pages ls Multiple versions, apropos ls Plan9, Inferno, Bunch of UNIX versions
Linux man pages ls
man7 ls "Pages that refer to this page" ls Multiple languages
Ubuntu Manpage ls Multiple versions
NetBSD Manual Pages ls Really, Google Analytics? ls OpenSolaris, nice antique collection

¹ short for Table of Contents ² Links directly to other man pages


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@krono krono commented Jan 4, 2020

there's also Bwana for locallt browsing man pages (macOS)

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