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Last active January 9, 2020 11:00
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token = secrettoken
url =
user = secretusertoken
app = secretapptoken
import configparser
import json
from contextlib import suppress
import requests
config = configparser.ConfigParser()"notify.cfg")
def get_seen_ids():
with suppress(FileNotFoundError):
with open("./seen_ids") as seen_file:
content =
return set(int(element) for element in content.strip().split("\n") if element)
return set()
def write_seen_ids(ids):
content = "\n".join(str(element) for element in ids)
with open("./seen_ids", "w") as seen_file:
def zammad_get(url):
response = requests.get(
url=config["zammad"]["url"] + url,
headers={"Authorization": f'Bearer {config["zammad"]["token"]}'},
return response.json()
def get_unread_notifications():
response = zammad_get("/api/v1/online_notifications")
return [notification for notification in response if notification["seen"] is False]
def limit_length(text, length):
if len(text) <= length:
return text
return text[: length - 2] + "…"
def send_notification(notification):
ticket_id = notification["o_id"]
ticket = zammad_get(f"/api/v1/ticket_articles/by_ticket/{ticket_id}")[0]
if any(ticket.get(text, "").startswith("RT @") for text in ["subject", "body"]):
ticket_data = zammad_get(f"/api/v1/tickets/{ticket_id}")
customer = zammad_get(f'/api/v1/users/{ticket_data["customer_id"]}')
name = customer.get("firstname", " ") + " " + customer.get("lastname", "")
name = name.strip()
if name:
name += f'<{customer["email"]}>'
name = customer["email"]
payload = {
"token": config["pushover"]["app"],
"user": config["pushover"]["user"],
"title": limit_length(f"{ticket['subject']} ({name})", 250),
"message": limit_length(ticket["body"], 1024),
"url": config["zammad"]["url"] + f'/#ticket/zoom/{ticket_id}',
"url_title": "Go to ticket",
"sound": "none",
response =
headers={"Content-Type": "application/json"},
def main():
seen_ids = get_seen_ids()
notifications = get_unread_notifications()
new_seen_ids = []
for notification in notifications:
if notification["id"] not in seen_ids:
if __name__ == "__main__":
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woutr-nl commented Jan 9, 2020

Hi Rixx,

When i'm testing the script, i'm getting the error below:

root@vmi333784:/zammadnotify# ./
File "./", line 29
headers={"Authorization": f'Bearer {config["zammad"]["token"]}'},
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Do you know how to solve this?

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rixx commented Jan 9, 2020

This script requires Python 3.6 and above, you seem to be running on a lower version. You'll have to replace every f-string (a string that starts with f' or f") with an old-style format string or string concatenation.

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