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@adamdenes mixed messages
const messages = {
starter: ['knock'],
subject: ['goliath', 'broccoli', 'wooden shoe', 'boo', 'cows go', 'harry'],
ending: [
'down, you look-eth tired',
'doesn’t have a last name, silly',
'shoe like to hear another joke',
'why are you crying',
'no silly, cows go MOO',
'up and answer the door'
punctuation: ['.', '!', '?']
const getRandomItem = arr => {
return arr[Math.floor(Math.random() * arr.length)];
const toCapital = string => {
const firstLetter = string.charAt(0).toUpperCase();
const restOfString = string.slice(1);
return firstLetter + restOfString;
const generateMessage = obj => {
let msg = '';
// return values object mirrors messages object
const values = {
starter: null,
subject: null,
ending: null,
punctuation: null,
// mirrored objects simplify this loop
for(let key in obj) {
values[key] = getRandomItem(obj[key]);
// using "values.item" made msg long, so I split it up
msg = `${toCapital(values.starter)}-${values.starter}${values.punctuation}`;
msg += ` Who's there? ${toCapital(values.subject)}. `;
msg += `${toCapital(values.subject)} who${values.punctuation} ${toCapital(values.subject)} ${values.ending}${values.punctuation}`;
return msg;

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@adamdenes adamdenes commented Jan 24, 2021

Really cool idea! Thank you for the suggestion @rjensen96! :)

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