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Pixabay starter code
class diagram
can be found in Week 9 folder
package edu.ggc.lutz.pixabayretrofit;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;
import edu.ggc.lutz.pixabayretrofit.json.Hit;
import edu.ggc.lutz.pixabayretrofit.json.PixabayHttpResponse;
public class PixabayResult {
private final static long DAY_MILLIS = TimeUnit.DAYS.toMillis(1);
private long created;
private HashMap<Long, Bitmap> bitmaps;
private HashMap<Long, Hit> hits;
private PixabayHttpResponse response; // taken from jsonschema2pojo without mod
private long hitCount = -1;
public PixabayResult(PixabayHttpResponse response) throws IOException {
this.created = System.currentTimeMillis(); // birthday!
this.response = response;
// use hashmap rather than ArrayList since indexes are type long
private void cacheHits(List<Hit> list) throws IOException {
this.hits = new HashMap<>();
for (Hit hit : list) {
hits.put(hitCount - 1, hit); // zero based indexing
private void cacheBitmaps(List<Hit> list) throws IOException {
this.bitmaps = new HashMap<>();
for (Hit hit : list) {
InputStream stream = new URL(hit.getWebformatURL()).openStream();
bitmaps.put(hit.getId(), BitmapFactory.decodeStream(stream));
public boolean isExpired() {
return created - System.currentTimeMillis() > DAY_MILLIS ? true : false;
public long size() { return hitCount; }
public String getTags(long index) {
return getHit(index).getTags();
public Hit getHit(long index) { return hits.get(index); }
public Bitmap getBitmap(int index) {
long id = getHit(index).getId(); // convert response index to Pixabay's id
return bitmaps.get(id);
public static long getRandomLong(long maximum) {
return getRandomLong(0L, maximum);
public static long getRandomLong(long minimum, long maximum) {
return ((long) (Math.random() * (maximum - minimum))) + minimum;
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