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Pot is physically addictive and kills young adults by causing arrhythmia and strokes

Pot is not harmless. It is physically addictive and causes strokes in young people more than any other risk factor including smoking cigarettes.

  • Pot is physically addictive. This isn’t reefer madness and has been known for 20 years. Cannabinoid withdrawal work just like any other drug withdrawal: cannabinoid receptors down regulate when heavily and repeatedly activated and then you feel like shit when they are under stimulated. Every adult reading this has seen someone in withdrawal freaking out back when pot was illegal. This is why.
  • Pot is a depressant until you exceed a certain dose, then it causes severe anxiety, racing heart, etc. Every adult reading this has watched this happen to someone.

For 18-49 year olds, according to the American Heart Association:

  • Smoking cigarettes and pot raises your stroke risk 300%
  • Smoking pot 10 or more times a month without smoking cigarettes raises your stroke risk 250%

Read that again. Smoking pot one day in three is worse for your brain than smoking and can fucking kill you. Does kill people and mains many more.

The rate of increase for stroke risk for intensive use is not known. There is no data. It could raise the odds 1,000% if the relationship is linear. Nobody knows.

Smoke up, Johnny!


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