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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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parallel_universe TODO
  • Setup progress
    • Indicate when a player is done
    • Global progress
  • Battlestar!
  • Image describing step
  • Pieces associated with steps
  • Character/color/faction, when selected, annotates the player name
  • Setup steps that vary with number of players
  • Scenarios

Web interface (goboard)

  • More room for step text on iPhone

goboard technical niceties

  • Use an Ember View to handle error banner show/hide

Web service (meeple_mover)

  • Persist player state
    • Read to initialize
    • Create
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Delete players
  • Delete sessions
  • Replayable session log
  • New Relic agent

meeple_mover technical niceties

  • zomg use CamelCase
  • Use log rather than fmt.Print
  • Unique constraint on setup rule name
  • Nulls are complicated
    • Make setup_step owner_id not nullable. Use a boolean "has_owner" field?
    • Make setup_rule details not nullable. Empty string default.
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