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Created February 21, 2014 07:45
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Run Ruby with warnings enabled. Without going crazy.
require 'delegate'
module Support
class WarningFilter < DelegateClass(IO)
def write(line)
super if line !~ /^\S+gems\/ruby\-\S+:\d+: warning:/
$stderr =$stderr)
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Thanks for sharing! )

Am I doing something wrong?

$:> irb
=> "2.1.0"
>> require_relative 'test/warning_filter.rb'
=> true
>> Dir.exists? 'dir'
=> false
$:> irb -w
>> Dir.exists? 'dir'
(irb):1: warning: Dir.exists? is a deprecated name, use Dir.exist? instead
=> false

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rkh commented Feb 21, 2014

Ah, no, it's not supposed to filter out these warnings. It's only supposed to filter out warnings coming from third-party gems. Note that you didn't run with -w in the first example.

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rtlong commented Feb 17, 2015


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