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diff --git a/lib/sinatra/base.rb b/lib/sinatra/base.rb
index 9718363..eea1729 100644
--- a/lib/sinatra/base.rb
+++ b/lib/sinatra/base.rb
@@ -1360,12 +1360,18 @@ module Sinatra
# Fixes encoding issues by
# * defaulting to UTF-8
- # * casting params to Encoding.default_external
+ # * casting params to default_encoding
# The latter might not be necessary if Rack handles it one day.
# Keep an eye on Rack's LH #100.
def force_encoding(*args) settings.force_encoding(*args) end
if defined? Encoding
+ if Encoding.default_external == Encoding::ASCII
+ set :default_encoding, "utf-8"
+ else
+ set :default_encoding, Encoding.default_external.to_s.downcase
+ end
def self.force_encoding(data, encoding = default_encoding)
return if data == settings || data.is_a?(Tempfile)
if data.respond_to? :force_encoding
@@ -1390,7 +1396,6 @@ module Sinatra
set :sessions, false
set :logging, false
set :method_override, false
- set :default_encoding, "utf-8"
set :add_charset, [/^text\//, 'application/javascript', 'application/xml', 'application/xhtml+xml']
# explicitly generating a session secret eagerly to play nice with preforking
diff --git a/lib/tilt/template.rb b/lib/tilt/template.rb
index 4852ee0..ba63706 100644
--- a/lib/tilt/template.rb
+++ b/lib/tilt/template.rb
@@ -60,11 +60,19 @@ module Tilt
@compiled_method = {}
# used on 1.9 to set the encoding if it is not set elsewhere (like a magic comment)
- # currently only used if template compiles to ruby
@default_encoding = @options.delete :default_encoding
+ @default_encoding ||= Encoding.default_external if defined? Encoding.default_external
+ # decide how to load template data
+ @reader = block || begin
+ if File.respond_to? :binread
+ lambda { |t|, :encoding => @default_encoding, :mode => 'rb') }
+ else
+ lambda { |t| }
+ end
+ end
- # load template data and prepare (uses binread to avoid encoding issues)
- @reader = block || lambda { |t| File.respond_to?(:binread) ? File.binread(@file) : }
+ # actually load template data and prepare
@data =

Looks great!


The Sinatra patch needs adjustments (we also need to set default_encoding on 1.8, since we use it for HTTP headers).


Why you need to convert from ASCII to UTF8 ? If one have their source in ascii and want to keep them in ascii ?

if Encoding.default_external == Encoding::ASCII
  set :default_encoding, "utf-8"
  set :default_encoding, Encoding.default_external.to_s.downcase

See discussion (default value, error on deployment), it might even be possible that the server starts and crashes as soon as a user submits UTF-8 characters in a from.


Okey, thanks for the explanation! Great work!

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