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Created February 7, 2021 20:16
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(defun rk/open-compilation-buffer (&optional buffer-or-name shackle-alist shackle-plist)
"Helper for selecting window for opening *compilation* buffers."
;; find existing compilation window left of the current window or left-most window
(let ((win (or (loop for win = (if win (window-left win) (get-buffer-window))
when (or (not (window-left win))
(string-prefix-p "*compilation" (buffer-name (window-buffer win))))
return win)
;; if the window is dedicated to a non-compilation buffer, use the current one instead
(when (window-dedicated-p win)
(let ((buf-name (buffer-name (window-buffer win))))
(unless (string-prefix-p "*compilation" buf-name)
(setq win (get-buffer-window)))))
(set-window-buffer win (get-buffer buffer-or-name))
(set-frame-selected-window (window-frame win) win)))
(use-package shackle
(shackle-rules '((compilation-mode :custom rk/open-compilation-buffer :select t)
("\\*Apropos\\|Help\\|Occur\\|tide-references\\*" :regexp t :same t :select t :inhibit-window-quit t)
("\\*magit" :regexp t :same t :select t)
("\\*shell.*" :regexp t :same t :select t)
("\\*PowerShell.*" :regexp t :same t :select t)
("\\*Cargo.*" :regexp t :other t :select nil)
("*Messages*" :select nil :other t)
("*go-guru-output*" :select t :same t)
("*Proced*" :select t :same t)
("*Buffer List*" :select t :same t)
("\\*Pp Eval" :regexp t :same nil :select t :other t)
("*Messages*" :same nil :other t :select t :inhibit-window-quit t)
;; slime
("*slime-source*" :select nil :same nil :other t)
("*slime-description*" :select nil :other t :inhibit-window-quit t)
("\\*slime-repl" :regexp t :same nil :select nil :other t)
;; ("\\*sldb" :regexp t :other t :inhibit-window-quit t :select t)
("\\*slime-compilation" :regexp t :same nil :select nil :other t)
("*slime-scratch*" :same nil :select t :other t)
;; ert
("*ert*" :select nil :same nil :other t)
;; clojure
("*sesman CIDER browser*" :inhibit-window-quit t :select t :same t)
("\\*cider-repl" :regexp t :same nil :other t)))
(shackle-default-rule nil))
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