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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Glitching

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Glitching

Note: This document is fairly out of date. While a lot of the information within it is valid, the strategies to various tricks in here has since been improved or trumped by another strategy.

I might not be updating this document in this future, so if anyone wants to fork this git to continue it, feel free. In the meantime check out BLAINES YouTube as he has covered glitches found since I stopped documenting them.

Do note that I do not agree with BLAINES strategy of obtaining information on some of those glitches nor the uncredited nature and absurd waffling he does to extend the length of the videos.

Surf on Land

Founder: ?

This lets you move through some (but not all) collision and enter areas you aren't supposed to. You can skip battles, trainers, cutscenes, and so on if elevation is high enough. You can go Out-of-Bounds by manuevering in certain ways. Even the indoor void with some methods, like the Great Marsh door.

The out-of-bounds (outdoor void) works almost identically to the original game, routing is almost identical. The indoor void however, works more like the Generation 5 games' indoor void.

To Surf on Land, follow any of the methods listed below. When on Surf on Land, note:

  • Going too fast will kick you off Bibarrel. Tilt the analog stick only a bit.
  • The DPAD moves you at full speed all the time, which will kick you off Bibarrel.
  • You may go full speed if you're elevation is above a tile/model that the game cannot kick you off bibarrel onto.
  • You may use the Bike Surf Glitch to go full speed at all times, but it somewhat changes how elevation works.
  • Try not to enter bodies of water. Your elevation may make it hard to tell where your player actually is, and entering a body of water will get you stuck within it, making it impossible to route.

0-npc Method

Founder: Werster, then shortened by Shrimp#0100
Requirements: Script Storage, Nearby Surfable Tile, Surf
Patched: 1.1.2, Activating surf doesn't work

This method doesn't require a single NPC to pull off. It's infinitely repeatable, and stackable!

  1. Use Script Storage on a door near a surfable tile. This should freeze the door warp and let you move around.
    • The door must be in reasonable reach to the water tile as your camera may be locked in place.
    • This may not work on every door, especially doors without an actual door on the model.
    • If the player can enter the door really fast, then it might not work or the timing may be hard.
  2. Go to a surfable water tile and surf on it.
  3. The door script will continue and you will end up within a building while on surf.
  4. Simply walk out of the building.

NPC Method

Founder: This specific angle in method was found by Shrimp#0100
Requirements: Surf, Unbeaten NPC near a water tile
Patched: 1.1.2

This method involves angling and inching in your movement towards the NPC, and then mashing A as you do so. The game handles the Surf prompt somewhat before the battle trigger, which upon ending the battle continues the prompt letting you say "Yes" to Surf, which at that point are facing the NPC and not the water making you Surf on Land.

NPCs near a water tile

  • Route 209, Twins, standers.
  • Route 212, Cop, spinner, must be night for him to battle.
  • Route 213, Tuber Boy, walker, use this trick.
  • Route 218, Sailor, spinner.
  • Route 222, Tuber Girl, spinner.
  • Route 223, Sailor, standing on sand.
  • Route 224, Psychic user, spinner.
  • Victory Road, B1F, stander, the one between the three bodies of water.


  • Route 213, Sailor, standing on sand.
  • Victory Road, B1F, Dragon user.
  • Victory Road, B1F, ?, mover, top right of the area.
  • Victory Road, B1F, Twins, movers, bottom right of the area.
  • Route 209, ?, spinner?
  • Route 209, Pikachu fan, sight long enough to adjacent land?
  • Route 220, Swimmer, mover?
  • Route 219, Tuber girl, spinner?

Doesn't work:

  • Route 212, Parasol lady, Sight is not far enough.

Timing for the Tuber Boy NPC on Route 213

Founder: ShenanaganSmash
Requirements: Surf, Unbeaten Tuber Boy NPC on Route 213

The timing for the distance between NPC and the player needs to be precise for the timing to match with the surf action or one of them will be either too late or too early.

  1. Enter the Hotel Building where you can rest your Pokémon.
  2. Exit it and hold down on the DPAD (without running) and then spam A/ZL/ZR when near the water.
  3. You should then end up with Surf on Land when you beat the trainer.



  • Entering then exiting a building sets you to it's elevation.
  • When able to open the menu,
    • Previewing a Ball Capsule allows sets you to a "default" elevation. It isn't predictable if you elevate or descend.
    • Saving and resetting the game resets your elevation to the intended height for the tile you are above or under.
      • ! Do not save unless safe. Saving in some parts of the void or invalid tiles are useful but be careful.
  • When unable to open the menu, (i.e., void, invalid tile)
    • Surfing and exiting Surf over and over again elevates you more and more.


  • Using your Bike when on Bibarrel will remove the effects of Surf on Land.
  • You can use Bike Racks to use your bike while keeping Surf on Land, however, it removes the elevation you keep.
  • Using Bike Racks will also allow you to move as full speed while on Surf on Land.


To Fight Area, Snowpoint City, Lake Acuity

Router: RETIRE
Requires: Surf on Land, Fly

  1. Surf on Land, and make your way to Veilstone without touching water or exiting bibarrel.
  2. Go to the top left of Veilstone where there's a corner fence.
  3. Left 1 (maybe 2, 3).
  4. Up 134, you should enter a route.
  5. Left until you enter Fight Area, should take only about 10 steps or so.
  6. Fly using the PokéWatch to the now unlocked Fight Area.

To then go to Snowpoint City and Lake Acuity simply go left and talk to the Sailor.

To Pokémon League

Router: Ballistixx#6389
Requires: Surf on Land, Menu Storage
No badge check confirmed!

  1. Surf on Land with Menu Storage and make your way to the west of Celestic.
  2. Get into the void using the cave entrance to the left.
    • If you are entering it normally, then elevate one tile up first so you go above the warp trigger.
  3. Move along the top edge of the area to the right until the far right corner, then go down.
    • You should see a vertical line of trees if you move down after this step, if you don't keep going right.
  4. Line up the blue bar of the menu at the bottom of your screen to just below the top part of the 15th tree down.
  5. Move right until the dark-blue water appears on screen. It could take a while.
    • If you start bonking in a 1x2 area then you messed up the alignment and should reset and go back to Step 2.
  6. From the point where dark-blue water appears, continue going right for 2-3 tiles, just to inch in a bit.
  7. Go down 21 tiles. You can know how many you are going down by counting how many tiles disappear from the top of your screen.
    • Be careful not go too far down, or you may end up going down the waterfall, or past the water pool.
  8. Proceed left until you hit a wall. Go up and if you hit a wall after about 3 tiles, then you most likely got it.
  9. Save and reset.
  10. After the reset you will be surfing behind the waterfall, swim left and right to get an encounter and run away to reset your height to the top of the lake, past the waterfall.
  11. Don't forget to actually enter the Pokémon League to unlock it in your map.

To Route 224

Router: Ballistixx#6389 (based on other route)
Requires: Surf on Land, Menu Storage

  1. Surf on Land with Menu Storage and make your way to the west of Celestic.
  2. Get into the void using the cave entrance to the left.
    • If you are entering it normally, then elevate one tile up first so you go above the warp trigger.
  3. Move along the top edge of the area to the right until the far right corner, then go down.
    • You should see a vertical line of trees if you move down after this step, if you don't keep going right.
  4. Line up the bottom of the screen with the bottom of the 5th tree down.
  5. Move right until the dark-blue water appears on screen. It could take a while.
    • If you start bonking in a 1x2 area then you messed up the alignment and should reset and go back to Step 2.
  6. From the point where dark-blue water appears, continue going right for 2-3 tiles, just to inch in a bit.
  7. Save and reset to load the area.

To Route 225

This route normally needs you to complete the National PokéDex to enter. No hard-defined route yet, but progress is being made through Celestic town and Menu Storage.

To Shaymin

Router: Traiver
Requires: Surf on Land, Menu Storage, Route 224 (From 1:10 onwards)

I don't recommend doing this route without Fly or you might not be able to leave.

  1. Go to Route 224 with Surf on Land, or get it using the Psychic or Black Belt NPCs.
  2. Proceed to make your way right past the sand, past two NPCs up two stairs towards the 'Oaks Letter' rock.
  3. On the second stairs (the higher up one) go roughly in the middle of the stairs model and save and reset.
    • If you positioned correctly you will be above the stairs now instead of under/inside it.
    • If you failed, just re-position yourself closer to the middle of the stairs tile and try again.
    • Tip: You should be able to see the top tips of the prior stairs' rails on the bottom right of your screen.
  4. Proceed to go down from both stairs, then to the left over the trees, and past the rocks left of the Dragon NPC.
  5. You should be hitting a wall. Move the analog stick fast upwards to jump off Bibarrel into the water past the rocks.
  6. Run straight up but keep within the bright blue water. Once you are near the top, go right and try to surf.
  7. Surf to the right and if you hit a wall go down a small bit, right, and you should be able to go up.
  8. Go up and jump off bibarrel if needed, and surf to get past a small water tile to get into Seabreak Path.
  9. Now, run for about a minute run straight up. You may use your bike here to speed things up.
  10. Once you reach Flower Paradise, go up to shaymin, save, and catch! You can safely soft-reset here for shiny-hunting.

To Giratina

Router: wackangels
Requires: Surf on Land
Optional: Defog

  1. Surf on Land and make your way to Valor Lakefront without touching water or exiting bibarrel.
  2. Proceed to make your way to the top of Valor Lakefront where the loading zone is for Route 214.
  3. From that point, make your way directly right and you should reach Spring Path.
    • If you aren't elevated past the trees, Enter and exit the Game Directors house and try again.
  4. Go towards the path where the loading zone entrance is, and preview a ball capsule and exit back out.
  5. You should now be close to the floor, and should now be able to enter Sendoff Spring.
    • You can exit Surf on Land at this point, or stay on it to move through the Turnback Cave easier.
  6. Within Sendoff Spring, proceed right to the Rock Climb and just go through it.
  7. From there go past the Rock Climb for a few tiles and then go left and follow the path you can see above you to make your way around.
  8. You should reach another Rock Climb, again just go through it and enter the Cave entrance to Turnback Cave.
  9. Proceed to do the Turnback Cave maze to reach Giratina.

Menu Storage

Founder: ?
Introduced: 1.1.0

This glitch lets you keep your menu open even when entering areas in which it would typically not let you open it, e.g., the Void. This is best combined with the Surf on Land Glitch.

There's a few uses of this glitch and one of them is to see where you are. The Town Map doesn't accurately show your real position, but the Save Menu does.

This glitch is mainly used with Surf on Land to allow saving. This is because if you save and reset in specific scenarios you can actually re-load the area you are currently glitched into to get there early.

0-badge Method

Founder: matareyoyo, simplified by Pefau
Patched: 1.1.2

While initially thought to be mashing X and A at the same time, it's actually just mashing A incredibly fast.

  1. Open the Menu.
  2. Spam A, ZL, and ZR when hovering over the Pokémon button. If you hear a double click noise, you got it.
    • You can simply spam A as quick as possible too. Just using ZL/ZR is easier and more consistent.
    • It's also possible to simply press ZL and ZR every so slightly off timing from each other instead of mashing.
  3. Once you reach the Held Item's Bag Menu, start pressing B until you get to the Overworld.
    • Note: Some glitches/setups may want you to only back out to a certain menu though.
  4. You should now have the Menu open while walking around.

Strength Method

Founder: JockeMS
Introduced: 1.1.0

  1. Use Strength on a boulder, Say yes and wait for the animation to end.
  2. Push a boulder and press X at the same time.
  3. You should now be able to move with menu open.

Fly Storage

Founder: JockeMS

This glitch lets you keep the PokéWatch's Fly menu open. It's a slight variant to the Menu Storage glitch and will not work for every instance Menu Storage is needed, as the other menu options might be used, yet only Town Map can be used.

No one knows quite why, but only specific doors/warps work for this trick. Only one door has been found so far and that is the one to the Battle Tower. It seems to be caused by the game placing you within the door warp hitbox when leaving the Battle Tower, rather than behind it.

  1. Head to the Battle Tower which is in the Fight Area.
  2. Enter the Battle Tower, and go right back out and try not to make any movements after.
  3. Open your PokéWatch and hover over Fly.
  4. Click Fly, then wait a small tad bit (about when the screen is to fade out) then start moving up.
  5. If you timed it right (not that difficult) you will enter the Battle Tower with the Fly menu still open.


  • Repel wearing off while the Menu is up
  • Some menu storage methods may require you to enter your PokéDex, Pokémon, or Bag, before:
    • Entering a Trainer Battle,
    • Using an action with a prompt (e.g. Yes/No menu).

Script Storage

Founder: Werster

Using Menu Storage it's possible to store a script at any point in the script, and at a later point either continue it, or skip it entirely. When the script is stored, the game essentially freezes in all ways other than movement and some actions.

Once frozen,

  • NPCs will not turn, move, or be interactible in any way, including battles.
  • Triggers and Warps are completely disabled, e.g., Rival Battles, NPC Blocks, Caves, Doors.
  • All interactable objects are disabled, like Town Signs, Trainer Tips, Signs.

The game will not continue until the script continues and finishes. You can let it continue by,

  • Having a repel wear off while frozen.
  • In some cases, standing still and waiting for any frozen events to continue.
  • Using surf on surfable water tiles.
  • ... Possibly more ways.

This glitch has many uses e.g.,

  • Breaching the player through walls by using an NPCs push back after Dialogue.
  • Getting surf right before entering a Building, so you can Surf on Land.
  • Bibarrel Jumpscare, replaces battle intro with Bibarrel lol.
  • ... Possibly much more!
  1. Get Menu Storage or Fly Storage.
    • Stack Menu Storage if the script uses Text or Prompts, otherwise it will skip the rest of the script.
    • It may be wanted to skip the rest of the script, e.g. a Dialogue script to run past triggers.
  2. Trigger the script then press B to exit out of the Menu Storage and the event should be stored.
    • If you stacked, you should still have another stored Menu when going back to the overworld.
    • If you did not correctly stack Menu Storage, then you will either crash or the rest of the dialogue will skip.
  3. After storing the script, do whatever you wish to do, e.g., Position yourself, Skip triggers, and such.

Clone Pokémon

When you clone a Pokémon, the held items they hold will also be duplicated, as well as any other perks like their Ribbons, markings, stats, and more.

Menu Storage Method

Founder: RETIRE
Requirements: Menu Storage, 1-6 Target Pokémon and a Bin Pokémon to take their place

You need at least 1 target Pokémon (up to 6), and the same amount of bin Pokémon. A bin Pokémon is a Pokémon you do not care for as it will be replaced with a clone. i.e., duplicating 2 Pokémon will need 2 bin Pokémon.

  1. Put all target Pokémon into your Party. You may do up to 6 at a time.
  2. Get the same amount of bin Pokémon as target Pokémon in your PC.
  3. Get 0-badge Menu Storage and head to a patch of grass.
  4. Enter a Wild Battle while keeping the Menu open.
  5. When in the Wild Battle, we need to enter Pokémon from Main Menu and Bag from Battle Menu, so,
    • Use Left and Right to choose for the Main menu, and Up and Down for the Battle Menu.
  6. Press A and you should go into your Party. Press R to go to your Boxes.
  7. Swap all your Party Pokémon with the bin Pokémon from your Boxes.
  8. Press B until you reach the Battle Menu with no menus, and flee the wild battle.
  9. Your Party should still have the Pokémon, but the bin Pokémon are now clones.

Only items

Founder: RETIRE

  • Follow the same steps as above ignoring bin Pokémon, with your Party Pokémon holding the items you wish to duplicate.
  • Instead of Step 7 just remove the held items from your Party Pokémon.
  • Once done your Party Pokémon will still be holding the held items, but they will also be in your Bag.

Daycare Method

Founder: Kevinfor5
Requirements: Solaceon (Daycare), Target Pokémon, 2 Pokémon for Setup, and a Bin Pokémon
Patched: 1.1.2


  1. Put a Pokémon in a Slot in any Box, and another Pokémon in the same Slot of another Box.
  2. Take one of the Pokémon and put it into a Battle Team.
  3. Enter the Daycare and Select the other Pokémon for being placed in the Daycare but do not Confirm yet.
  4. Click Box View and swap the box with the Daycare Pokémon with the Box that has the Battle Team Pokémon.
  5. Confirm your Daycare selection to deposit the Pokémon.
  6. Re-open the Boxes and go to the Battle Team you used in Step 2. It should have a glitched Level 99 Pokémon.


  1. Place a bin Pokémon that you don't care about at all into the Battle Team (any Slot except Slot 6).
    • This Pokémon will be permanently discarded! The Pokémon may not already be in a Battle Team.
  2. Place the Pokémon you wish to clone into the Battle Team (Any Slot except Slot 1 and 6).
  3. View the Summary for the Pokémon in Slot 1 of the Battle Team (which should be the Pokémon you want to Clone).
  4. Exit the Summary and you should see two of the Pokémon in the Battle Team.
  5. Retrieve both the Pokémon from the Battle Team. You now have two of the same Pokémon.

Move Reminder on Any Pokémon

Founder: DragonWhale93 (?)

Using the Move Reminder you can force a Pokémon's relearnable move onto any other Pokémon. This works for moves the Pokémon otherwise cannot learn.


  • Your resulting Pokémon will be illegal for Competitive/Online.
  • You will be prevented from playing Online with that Pokémon due to the Illegal Move check.
  • Because you can't use it online, you should not get banned.


  1. Have a Pokémon in Slot 1 that can re-learn the move you wish to have another Pokémon Learn.
  2. Have the Pokémon you wish to learn it in Slot 2.
    • The Pokémon must not already know the move, or the relearner wont give you it as an option.
    • You can use the Move Deleter, or forget it using a TM to be able to re-relearn it.
  3. Have at least 1x Heartscale in your Bag, unless you have used Move Reminder 10 times already.
    • After you give him 10 Heartscales, he reminds your Pokémon moves for free.
    • You could also duplicate heartscales with the many Pokémon/Item cloning glitches.


  1. Face the Move Reminder in Pastoria City.
  2. Get Menu Storage but only click B 6 times to reach your Party Pokémon screen.
    • Don't go all the way back to the Overworld with the menu. Just to the Pokémon party list.
  3. Press A twice to talk to the Move Reminder and check the summary of your first Pokémon.
    • When doing this you should simulatenously be beginning dialogue with the Move Relearner.
    • Make sure his dialogue text finishes scrolling before pressing any A or B button from here on to make sure the button press continues the Dialogue.
  4. Press B to get back to the Party Pokémon screen to get to the 'Which Pokémon needs tutoring?' prompt.
  5. Press A to get into the Pokémon Boxes menu, with your stored Menu under it.
    • Make sure before you did this, you had the stored menu hovering over the first Pokémon of your Party.
  6. Move to the first Pokémon of your Party and press A twice to Select that Pokémon.
    • Again, make sure each button press is after Dialogue text has fully scrolled.
    • Once this is done, you should be back to the Stored Menu, hovering over "Check summary" for Slot 1.
  7. Press Down then A on Swap Pokémon.
  8. Scroll to the move you want to teach to the Pokémon in Slot 2 and press A on Yes.
  9. Press Down to move your Slot 1 Pokémon Sprite over your Slot 2 Pokémon and press A to complete the swap.
  10. Select the move you want to forget and press A on Yes.
    • It should be asking this for the Pokémon you just swapped with, if not, do not continue, back out and retry.
  11. Press B until your back out of all menus.


If you can obtain Menu Storage or Surf on Land, you can generally skip anything you want. Including the entirety of Gyms, trainer battles, rival battles, story cutscenes, and more.

This list of skips are generally only covering unique glitches, or glitches that may be pivotal entry-point glitches. This is not a definitive list nor will it ever be. There may even be multiple ways to get the same end result.

Starter Skip

Founder: TrainerCrogat
Patched: 1.0.0

You can breach past the ledge at the start of the game that prevents you from going to Sandgem Town early. This will skip:

  • Getting your Starter; The Starly Battle.
  • Introduction to Prof. Rowan and Dawn/Lucas.
  • Getting your Running Shoes.

This will not skip getting your PokéDex, and the game will think your "Starter" is an Egg. It would otherwise seemingly work correctly, and you can even catch Pokémon and then get your starter.

However, it is quite tricky to pull off and generally has no benefits. There isn't real reason to skip the starter, mainly due to the Pokémon list being needed for a type of Menu Storage and the running shoes being very useful.

  1. Go up to the tall grass in Route 201 with Barry.
  2. Mom will remind you and kick you off the grass.
  3. When you are pushed back you may push Barry onto a ledge.
    • If this didn't happen, just keep trying.
  4. Carefull walk into Barry diagonally or such to try and further push him past the ledge.
  5. Then try and walk in front of barry to not be diagonal to him, then towards him to "swap" positions.
    • If Barry was far enough past the ledge, then you should be successfully past the ledge once you swap positions.
    • If not, just keep trying step 3 and 4. Barry probably was not past the ledge enough. See the Twitter VOD above.

Trainer Skip

PokéDoll Method

Founder: Dymnix#4367
Requirements: Menu Storage, PokéDoll

  1. Get Menu Storage and enter the Bag.
  2. Trigger the Trainer Battle by either entering Sight or pressing A.
  3. Keep pressing the A/B button to get through all the dialogue and into battle while keeping the Bag up.
  4. While the Battle is starting up, go into your Bag and navigate to the PokéDoll and move up twice.
    • You may also do this before entering the battle to be safer.
    • Once done wait for the battle to begin and make no movements.
  5. When the Battle has begun and is waiting for your move, press down twice and choose the PokéDoll.
    • Make sure you only go down 2 times, and make no more movements at all, not up, left, right.
    • This is to make sure that the battle menu is hovering over "Bag" and not Fight or Run.
  6. Press B to close the Battle Bag that opened from the Battle Menu.
  7. Press A to use the PokéDoll.
  8. Quickly press B to get to the stored menu and open the PokéDex or Bag as quick as possible, or you will soft-lock your game.
  9. The trainer will now be skipped.
    • If text dialogue or a prompt occurs after the battle ends you need to keep the PokéDex or Bag open until you can get through all the dialogue and move.

Unfortunately, you do not keep the PokéDoll once this skip is performed. However, there is a glitch that lets you duplicate held items, see Duplicate Items.

Save and Reset Method

Founder: Dymnix#4367
Requirements: Menu Storage

  1. Get Menu Storage and enter the PokéDex or Bag.
  2. Trigger the Trainer Battle by either entering Sight or pressing A.
  3. Keep pressing the A/B button to get through all the dialogue and into battle while keeping the PokéDex/Bag up.
  4. While the Battle is starting up, exit the PokéDex/Bag and save the game.
    • You should be saving while everyone is throwing out their Pokémon to the battle field, not after, not before.
  5. Save and Reset the game and you will spawn on the trigger for the trainer battle. Simply walk off it away from the trainer.

Instant re-surf Method

Founder: Honestly probably everyone casually playing
Requirements: Surf

If you can exit surf, enter the trainers line of sight, then immediately without turning press A on a surfable tile of water to entirely skip a battle start trigger.

This is seemingly because theres invisible frames that allow you to quickly re-surf after you just get off, making you completely skip past some trainers.

The only trainer known so far that the requirements match is the trainer on Victory Road, B1F. The one standing between the three bodies of water.

Gym Puzzle Skips

6th Gym (Byron) Puzzle Skip

Founder: ?
Requires: Surf on Land, Ball Capsule

  1. Surf on Land, and make your way to the Canalve Gym without touching water or exiting bibarrel.
  2. Enter the Gym and go upwards towards the Empty square platform near the red barriers.
  3. Go right up to it and preview a ball capsule to fix your height. You need to do this once or twice.
    • If you don't seem to get any height, go closer to the empty square platform.
  4. Once you get enough height you should be able to go right over the barrier and jump off bibarrel to enter the final platform that brings you to Byron.
    • To exit bibarrel, just go full surf speed.

7th Gym (Candice) Puzzle Skip

Diagonal Method

Founder: ?
Patched: 1.1.2

You can skip the entire gym puzzle by essentially running right to Candice in a specific way.

  1. Enter the Gym and go 1 tile left.
  2. Run straight forward, full momentum.
  3. You should land 1 tile left of the stairs to Candice.
  4. Keep trying to run up the tile you are facing and eventually you will run up to candice.
    • The specific way is not known, but slightly angling towards the stairs seems to work.
Repel Method

Founder: ?
Requires: Repel

Using nothing more than a repel and timing, you can stop your movement momentum in front of any stair tile then run straight to candice.

There's nothing to it other than timing when the repel will wear off. Take a look at the linked video for a convenient setup and example.

Trainer Battle Storage Glitch

Founder: Multiple people

With this glitch you can "store" a battle away and start it whenever and wherever you want. There might not be much uses for this, but time will tell.

It's very simple. Surf on Land and walk up to a hidden trainer (e.g., Ninja trainers near Snowpoint).
The trainer will pop out but the battle will not begin until you exit bibarrel.

Egg Cracking

Founder: FrostedGeulleisia
Named 'Egg Cracking' by founder

With this glitch you can use Egg hatching to bypass NPCs that block you from passing through an area. For example the NPC that blocks you from entering Sunnyshore.

The general idea is to hatch an egg on the tile which triggers the NPC blocking sequence. With enough movement momentum the egg hatching sequence can push you past the cutscene trigger and let you through.

  • You must use the fast gear bike with maximum momentum.
  • You must have the egg hatch on the exact tile the NPC trigger is on.
  • You do not need to hold any direction after hatching.

But, When will my egg hatch?

  1. Open and reset pedometer app on PokéWatch.
  2. Save your game.
  3. Walk or Cycle a bunch and keep an eye on Egg Summary to see if it's close to hatching.
  4. Once close to hatching save again, and further try and hatch the egg.
  5. Once the egg hatches, pay attention to the step count.
  6. Reset the game and try get the step count close to what it hatches at.
  7. Now try and time your movement with running into the tile trigger.
  8. If you fail, just try again. Make sure you use the bike, fast gear, full momentum.

How do I know if I got it?

Bike's front wheel (front half or so):

  • Past Red Line: OK!
  • Between Yellow and Red Line: MAYBE
  • Before Yellow Line: FAIL

Mach Bike Breach

You can breach through walls in some confined areas by simply spinning with the fast gear bike.

This seems to generally work anywhere that has only one tile with walls all around it except for one side.

Working Areas:

  1. Route 204, To the right of the twins, past the cuttable tree.

Invisible Frames

Camera movement at the end of a cutscene creates some 'Invisible Frames'. These small time windows allow you to move around and avoid all kinds of nearby triggers, cutscenes, and so on. Even battles.

It seems to trigger this, you simply need to start moving as soon as you can after the cutscene ends. It's not entirely clear.

You can sometimes walk straight through a snowball in Snowpoint Gym after entering the gym if you move quickly enough. It's thought that this glitch may be the reason why.

Emergency Information

Is your save screwed?

Holding Up + B + X at the Menu Screen will seemingly load a backup save. The details on this is fuzzy.

Bad Glitches

This is a list of glitches that are either useless, can happen by accident, or soft-lock the game.

Dangerous Auto-Save Soft-lock

Very rarely, when exiting a building you may immediately crash, even when you reset your game. The exact details of this, and if you should save, restart, or such is unclear. However, it is told that you should "Disable Auto Save to escape".


  1. Precise movement will reduce the intended momentum and can get you stuck in Snowpoint City Gym.
  2. You can get stuck behind NPCs in Veilstone City by simply timing you walk between an NPC and their Pokémon.
  3. Once you bring Mira out from Wayward Cave, do not go back in. There are reports of being unable to leave.
  4. In Wake's Gym there is a Green and Orange button right next to each other, that are useless to use.
    • You can move in a certain way and accidentally breach to the right and get stuck in the small crevise.
    • Even if you breach to the right entirely, you would end up with the wrong button order, making it impossible to get to Wake, or to leave and try again unless you have an NPC trainer and lose to it.


  1. You can slightly breach through some railings, trigger is unknown, something to do with entering/exiting wild battles.
  2. Pokémon Nicknames can sometimes be displayed as something completely different for an unknown reason.
  3. While it might not be entirely useless, sometimes you may get upwarped to a bridge or such above you for an unknown reason.
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mguid65 commented Nov 29, 2021

It is humanly possible to tap A by itself fast enough to get menu storage without the Z buttons.

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TheIrishBub commented Nov 30, 2021

@mguid65 It is a little tricky, but it is still possible only tapping A.

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FrostedGeulleisia commented Dec 6, 2021

Shaymin is still present on Flower Paradise in 1.1.2, confirmed it today.

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rlaphoenix commented Dec 7, 2021

Thanks, edited

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