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Last active Dec 12, 2017
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Foreflight improvements

Realistic suggestions to make Foreflight even better


  • Let users customize the bottom toolbar. I myself never use Flights and Imagery, but I have to hunt down checklists...
  • VFR entry and exit points are not on the DB, this would be a great feature. There is currently no way to go directely to "N" waypoint when going into Lyon (LFLY) for instance. There is a Jeppesen geolocalized chart that shows the waypoints but for some reason it's not possible to overlay it on the map (GP does it :) ).


Allow one to browse all airport plates easily.

When searching an airport on the Plates pages you can view a specific plate but there is no way to easily view other plates for that airport.

Suggestions :

  • Show a popup menu of all the other plates for that airport when clicking on the airport name (for instance) from a plate
  • Allow to add all plates to a new binder when searching an airport


  • Allow the user to jump easily to Departure and Arrival airports
  • It would be so cool to be able to browse charts of airfield within a certain flight corridor along the route so we could quicly view charts of possible route alternates.

Overlay layers

Give the option to add overlay layers on the plates view with terrain, weather, traffic...


Allow a default scratchpad. It's annoying having to 1/ Go to scratchpad 2/ Add scratchpad 3/ Select the type. Es when in flight. It would be nice to be able to have


I don't understand why the takeoff and landing times are not automatically recorded. The flight time is right but the Out and In hours are empty with the option to set current time. Wouldn't it be nicer to have times set automatically ? GP does it ;)


Allow at least basic things for European users :

Allow users to set there region

  • Hide options that are only valid for US customers
  • Hide all US charts and stuff on the Imagery tab
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