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copy of the deleted readme. I just stitched it together from the commit logs.


Typical reaction formulae for misandrists

####1. "Wow, just wow."

This is the #1 goto for misandrists. It discourages any actual logical discussion, and just implies that the person you are talking to is so ignorant that it is, somehow, totally impossible for you to hold any sort of fruitful discussion with them.

####2. "Creep!"

Calling someone "creepy" is the best way to tar them with a vaguely distasteful brush. Often used by so-called "feminists" to sling mud when a decent logical argument doesn't suffice.

####3. "Misogynist!"

See (2), but with the additional caveat that now even your wife, girlfriend, or close female friend might balk at being associated with someone who purportedly "hates women".

####4. "This is offensive!"

Offensiveness is a relative thing. What is offensive to me may not be offensive to you. But misandrists typically claim that there is a fixed set of things that are offensive, and that set is determined by them and them only. Also see (2) for related tarring-with-brush.

####5. "Women earn 77 cents to the dollar."

This is one of the frequent ones. Even the woman who wrote an article titled "The End of Men" has written an article debunking this oft-cited statistic. Misandrists who tout this statistic completely ignore the fact that it may be a woman's choice to take a lower-paying job with more flexibility.

####6. Deliberately choosing to interpret something as a sexual comment

This was seen in the "forking repo" fiasco instituted by Adria Richards, who got a man fired because she somehow felt offended when he referred to 'forking someone's repo.', and referenced 'dongles', both of which are legit, frequently used terms in tech.

####7. The "I have a daughter and this is going to make things difficult for her" card.

This is often cast to attract empathy. Now suddenly, instead of enforcing a commit policy, you are making it more difficult for Bryan Cantrill's daughter to make a career in the tech world. (See twitter/bcantrill's tweets from 1 Dec 2013 for an example of this behavior).

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