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Doing amazing things!
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rljacobson / Writing Rust libraries for the Python scientific computing
Created December 20, 2021 05:13
How to write Rust libraries for the Python scientific computing ecosystem


One of Rust's many strengths is that it can be seamlessly integrated with Python and speed up critical code sections. I recently wrote a small library with an efficient ragged array datatype, and I figured it would make for a good example of how to set up a Rust Python package with PyO3 and maturin that interoperates with numpy. There are a lot of little details that took me quite a while to figure out:

  • Publishing to PyPI:
    • GitHub action that builds and publishes wheels for multiple Python versions and operating systems
  • Package dependencies and metadata must be specified in a [pyproject.toml](https://git
rljacobson / NASA Circuit Board
Last active September 17, 2021 18:28
NASA Circuit Board Information

NASA Circuit Board Information

The circuit board is from a Tele-Dynamics Type 7201B-1CD-R Modem (Advertised as Model 7201.)

  • Type 7201A/B-P
  • Assembly 45443 (Prefix TD presumably refers to Tele-Dynamics)
  • 45022-2 Rev A (on front side) and 45022-1 Rev A (on back side)
  • S/N 149
  • The date codes on the ICs indicate the circuit board was manufactured in the first quarter of 1972. The last launch of the Apollo Program, Apollo 17, was in December 1972
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rljacobson / Programmer Translations
Created May 19, 2019 18:03
Translation of common programmer speak.
| What they said | What it means |
| "Why would you use X?" | "I do not understand X" |
| "Only an idiot would use X." | "I am masking my insecurity and ignorance about X with aggression." |
| "You should obviously use Y instead of X." | "I understand Y. If we shift the conversation to Y I can feel powerful again." |