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Richard Hull rm-hull

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I hereby claim:

  • I am rm-hull on github.
  • I am rhu ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASAlyPkfDitTkB4MCdhTjMXTFIdzrBMeS1n4MyUgahQ3VQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View pixel_spaceships.pde
// Pixel Spaceships
// David Bollinger - July 2006
// for Processing 0115 beta
// (updated for 0119 Beta)
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rm-hull /
Created Jan 4, 2017 — forked from ayosec/
Why Lisp macros are cool, a Perl perspective
rm-hull /
Created Nov 27, 2016 — forked from TheRayTracer/
The below Python source files control an OLED display (size 96 x 64, 65K colours) using a SSD1331 chipset and the SPI interface. The source code initialises the chipset and includes hardware accelerated functions for drawing primitive shapes and a non-hardware accelerated full ASCII set. Examples include a basic Space Invaders game, and a clock.
import struct
import spidev
import sys
import time
import random
import RPi.GPIO as gpio
ascii = [
[ 0x55, 0x00, 0x55, 0x00, 0x55 ],
[ 0x55, 0x00, 0x55, 0x00, 0x55 ],
View palmiters-protozoa.cljs
; Based on pp161-176 of "The Magic Machine" by A.K.Dewdney
(ns enchilada.palmiters-protozoa
[big-bang.core :refer [big-bang]]
[big-bang.components :refer [dropdown slider color-picker]]
[enchilada :refer [ctx canvas canvas-size proxy-request]]
[monet.canvas :refer [circle fill fill-style
text text-align
stroke-style stroke stroke-width
line-to move-to begin-path close-path

What is the appeal of dynamically-typed languages?

Kris Nuttycombe asks:

I genuinely wish I understood the appeal of unityped languages better. Can someone who really knows both well-typed and unityped explain?

I think the terms well-typed and unityped are a bit of question-begging here (you might as well say good-typed versus bad-typed), so instead I will say statically-typed and dynamically-typed.

I'm going to approach this article using Scala to stand-in for static typing and Python for dynamic typing. I feel like I am credibly proficient both languages: I don't currently write a lot of Python, but I still have affection for the language, and have probably written hundreds of thousands of lines of Python code over the years.

rm-hull / wireframe-extrusion.cljs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
The humble cone contains the answers to fundamental questions about the universe. But not _this_ one, its just pixels on the screen. What is mildly interesting about this cone is the way it is generated - a 2D polyline forms the bottom side and hypotenuse of a right-handed triangle in the X-Y plane. This flat shape is then "extruded" into three …
View wireframe-extrusion.cljs
(ns enchilada.wireframe-extrusion
[enchilada :refer [canvas ctx value-of canvas-size]]
[wireframes.renderer.canvas :refer [draw-solid ->canvas]]
[wireframes.renderer.color :refer [wireframe solid]]
[wireframes.transform :refer [point combine rotate scale translate degrees->radians]]
[wireframes.shapes.primitives :refer [extrude make-line make-point transform-shape center-at-origin]]
[jayq.core :refer [show]]
[inkspot.color :refer [coerce]]
[monet.canvas :refer [get-context fill-rect fill-style]]
rm-hull / aspirational-vanity-product.cljs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
I found myself in a popular electronics emporium recently; I was transfixed by the on-screen advertisements of a certain manufacturer, which seemed to encourage consumer conformity and consistency - and felt driven to reproduce it's iconography crudely here. See
View aspirational-vanity-product.cljs
(ns enchilada.aspirational-vanity-product
[enchilada :refer [ctx canvas]]
[big-bang.core :refer [big-bang]]
[jayq.core :refer [show attr css]]
[monet.canvas :refer [begin-path move-to line-to clear-rect
stroke stroke-style stroke-width stroke-cap
save restore translate rotate]]))
(def two-pi (* 2 Math/PI))
rm-hull / color-vortex.cljs
Created Dec 6, 2014
Faux rotating torus testing alpha channels with HSV->RGB color conversion in Click the canvas area to toggle between solid color and wireframe. Inspiration: Jerome Herr's
View color-vortex.cljs
(ns enchilada.color-vortex
[jayq.core :refer [show css]]
[enchilada :refer [ctx canvas canvas-size]]
[inkspot.color :refer [coerce red green blue]]
[inkspot.converter :refer [hsv->rgb]]
[big-bang.core :refer [big-bang]]
[ :refer [offset-coords]]
[monet.canvas :refer [stroke-style stroke fill-style fill fill-rect
ellipse save restore translate]]))
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