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// Resolve custom components by calling .render() recursively.
const resolveComponents = element => {
// If the "component" is a string, it's static text.
if ( typeof element === 'string' ) {
return element;
// If the type is a string, it's already in DOM node form.
if ( typeof element.type === 'string' ) {
return element;
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<a href="blackbox://🔒">lock</a>
<a href="blackbox://🔓">unlock</a>
<a href="blackbox://🔐">key</a>
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* Plugin Name: WP REST API Strict Mode
* Description: Triggers an error when unregistered parameters are used.
* Author: Ryan McCue
* Author URI:
* Version: 0.1
* Requires
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* Grab latest post title by an author!
* @param array $data Options for the function.
* @return string|null Post title for the latest,
 * or null if none.
function my_awesome_func( $data ) {
$posts = get_posts( array(

Ever tried committing inside a git submodule, only to find that Vim doesn't syntax highlight your commit message? Worry no more!

Simply save the following file as ~/.vim/filetype.vim

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namespace HM\Hotfix;
add_action( 'deleted_option', __NAMESPACE__ . '\\workaround_28701' );
* Workaround cache deletion issue
* Ensures that the singular
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* Plugin Name: HM Autoloader
* Description: Provides a standard autoloader utility for the site to use
* Author: Human Made Limited
* Author URI:
namespace HM;
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add_action( 'setup_theme', function () {
global $wp;
class RM_FakeWP extends WP {
public $skip_query = false;
function main($query_args = '') {
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Integrating WP API into Core

Plan for integrating WP API into core

This document describes the process of integrating the WordPress JSON REST API ("API project") into the WordPress core codebase ("core").


Accessing data remotely is a common goal for many WordPress users and developers. The ability to access and update data remotely is used by desktop publishing software, mobile applications, and in-browser applications. These

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Commit Guidelines

Commit messages are one of the most important parts of using version control. Badly written messages make it much harder to see at a glance what's changed in the project.

Commit Content

Keep your commits as small and atomic as possible. The best way to consider this is to think about reverting your commit. That is, if something is wrong in a commit, what are the logically separate parts that could be undone?