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Apple System Preferences URL Schemes

macOS 10.15 System Preference Panes

Below are a list of System Preference pane URLs and paths that can be accessed with scripting to assist users with enabling macOS security settings without having to walk them through launching System Preferences, finding panes, and scrolling to settings. Not all panes have an accessible anchor and some are OS specific.

To find the Pane ID of a specific pane, open the System Preferences app and select the desired Preference Pane. With the pane selected, open the and run the following script to copy the current Pane ID to your clipboard and display any available anchors:

tell application "System Preferences"
	set CurrentPane to the id of the current pane
	set the clipboard to CurrentPane
	get the name of every anchor of current pane
end tell

Opening with URL Schemes

If the preference pane supports it, you can open them with a URL in terminal using the following syntax (replace <PaneID> with the desired pane ID):

open "x-apple.systempreferences:<PaneID>"

Open with System Preferences Bundle Identifier and Pane Path

You can also access the main preference panes using the file path to each pane from /System/Library/PreferencePanes/ using the open command with slightly different syntax (replace /Path/To/Pane with your desired pane):

open -b /Path/To/Pane

Preference Panes

Below are all the panes that display on most Macs running 10.15 Catalina but there are a few that are ommitted that are available on later versions of Apple hardware or installed plugins. If the pane supports being opened with URL then it is listed, otherwise you can use the path.

Apple ID Pane


Family Sharing Pane


General Pane


Desktop & Screen Saver Pane


Dock Pane


Mission Control Pane


Siri Pane

Spotlight Pane


Language & Region Pane


Notifications Pane
open -b /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Notifications.prefPane

Internet Accounts Pane


Users & Groups Pane


Accessibility Pane
  • Display

  • Zoom

  • VoiceOver

  • Descriptions

  • Captions

  • Audio

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse & Trackpad

  • Switch Control

  • Dictation

Screen Time

Extensions Pane


Security & Privacy Pane

Tip: The "Advanced" anchor will initially open S&P pane to your last used tab (General, FileValut, Firewall, Privacy)but if the pane is already open it triggers a the panel unlock wherever the user may be at in the Security and Privacy pane. So, if you want them to enable a specific Privacy setting, open the desired Privacy anchor first (e.g. ?Privacy_Contacts) and then open the Advanced anchor (?Advanced) to prompt the user password to unlock the preference pane.

Main Tabs
  • General

  • Advanced

  • FileVault

  • Firewall

  • Privacy Main

Privacy Anchors

  • Location Services

  • Contacts

  • Calendars

  • Reminders

  • Photos

  • Camera

  • Microphone

  • Speech Recognition

  • Accessibility

  • Input Monitoring Not Available

  • Full Disk Access

  • Files and Folders Not Available

  • Screen Recording Not Available

  • Automation

  • Analytics and Improvements

  • Advertising

Software Update Pane


Network Pane


Bluetooth Pane


Sound Pane


Printers & Scanners Pane


Keyboard Pane


  • Dictation

Trackpad Pane


Mouse Pane


Displays Pane


Energy Saver Pane


Date & Time Pane


Sharing Preference Pane
  • Screen Sharing

  • File Sharing

  • Printer Sharing

  • Remote Login

  • Remote Management

  • Remote Apple Events

  • Internet Sharing

  • Bluetooth Sharing

Time Machine Pane


Startup Disk Pane


Profiles Pane


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bitmvr commented Jul 22, 2021


Thought I would share with you that some of these anchors do exist.

Input Monitoring

Screen Recording

What I am more interested in is how these were found by MacDeveloper who shared it over at :

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mlnchk commented Sep 1, 2021

Screen Recording


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mfbx9da4 commented Apr 12, 2022

@rmcdongit Is there anyway to list these programatically?

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dz0ny commented Jun 7, 2022

@mfbx9da4 Kinda, via applescript tell application "System Preferences" to get name of anchors of current pane, however this changed in macOS 13 beta 1 as some of links no longer work.

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xmddmx commented Jul 30, 2022

Anyone figured out how to open the Screen Savers pane in Ventura?

In macOS 13 System Settings, Desktop (Wallpapers) and Screen Savers are now separate items, but none of these seem to work:

open /System/Library/PreferencePanes/DesktopScreenEffectsPref.prefPane

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noah-nuebling commented Aug 7, 2022

I found this one for Ventura!


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