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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Pow Port
# Quickly and easily change the port that Pow is running on. This allows
# you too run Apache and Pow side-by-side (on different ports of course).
# WARNING: This will OVERWRITE your ~/.powconfig file. If you have custom
# configurations in there, please back it up first.
# This file must be executable (chmod +x pow_port.rb)
# This must be ran with administrative privelages (sudo).
# Usage:
# sudo ./pow_port.rb <new_port>
# Author: Dan Horrigan <>
# Copyright: 2011 Dan Horrigan
# License: MIT License
if ARGV[0].nil?
puts 'Usage: sudo ./pow_port.rb <new_port>'
new_port = ARGV[0]
rule_num = nil
fw_rules = `sudo ipfw list`
fw_rules.split("\n").each do |rule|
unless rule.index(",20559 ").nil?
rule_num = rule.split(" ")[0]
if rule_num.nil?
puts "Could not find the firewall rule. Are you sure you have Pow installed?"
system("sudo ipfw delete #{rule_num}")
system("sudo ipfw add fwd,20559 tcp from any to me dst-port #{new_port} in 1> /dev/null")"~/.powconfig"), 'w+') {|f| f.write("export POW_DST_PORT=#{new_port}") }
puts "Pow is now running on port #{new_port}! You may need to restart your browser to see the results."
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