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Neo4j/twitter Kafka Connect demo
= Testing the Neo4j Connector with Twitter as a source of data
Caveat: I have never used Neo4j before. I'm familiar with the general concept of a property graph though.
== Start here
Create a Twitter source
echo '{
"name": "twitter_source_avro",
"config": {
"tasks.max" : "1",
"key.converter": "io.confluent.connect.avro.AvroConverter",
"key.converter.schema.registry.url": "http://schema_registry:8081",
"value.converter": "io.confluent.connect.avro.AvroConverter",
"value.converter.schema.registry.url": "http://schema_registry:8081",
"kafka.delete.topic": "twitter_deletes_avro",
"twitter.oauth.consumerKey": "get yours from",
"twitter.oauth.consumerSecret": "get yours from",
"twitter.oauth.accessToken": "get yours from",
"twitter.oauth.accessTokenSecret": "get yours from",
"kafka.status.topic": "twitter_avro",
"connector.class": "com.github.jcustenborder.kafka.connect.twitter.TwitterSourceConnector",
"process.deletes": true,
"filter.keywords": "java"
' | http POST localhost:8083/connectors
== Stream to Neo4j
echo '{
"name": "Neo4jSinkConnector-twitter_avro",
"config": {
"topics": "twitter_avro",
"connector.class": "streams.kafka.connect.sink.Neo4jSinkConnector",
"errors.tolerance": "all",
"errors.log.enable": true,
"errors.log.include.messages": true,
"neo4j.server.uri": "bolt://neo4j:7687",
"neo4j.authentication.basic.username": "neo4j",
"neo4j.authentication.basic.password": "connect",
"neo4j.topic.cypher.twitter_avro": "MERGE (u:User{ID: event.User.Id, Name: event.User.Name,ScreenName: event.User.ScreenName, from: \''AVRO\''}) MERGE (t:Tweet{text: event.Text, User:event.User.Id}) MERGE (u)-[:TWEETED]->(t)"
} ' | http POST localhost:8083/connectors
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