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Robin Moffatt rmoff

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WheresAlice / Makefile
Last active Sep 30, 2019
Produce a CSV with Tiploc code, Longitude, and Latitude using Naptan data
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.DEFAULT_GOAL := tiploc_locations.csv
wget -O
unzip -o
tiploc_locations.csv: Stops.csv

I've been working with Apache Kafka for over 7 years. I inevitably find myself doing the same set of activities while I'm developing or working with someone else's system. Here's a set of Kafka productivity hacks for doing a few things way faster than you're probably doing them now. 🔥

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pirate /
Last active Jul 14, 2021
Script to manage searching, backing up, and collecting infinite clipboard history from the Alfred Clipboard History on macOS.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This is a script that provides infinite history to get around Alfred's 3-month limit.
# It works by regularly backing up and appending the items in the alfred db to a
# sqlite database in the user's home folder. It also provides search functionality.
# Example Usage:
# backup
joel-hamill /
Last active Jun 28, 2019
Build Confluent Platform manually
  1. Clone ce-kafka checkout 5.3.x and build

    gradle && ./gradlew jar

  2. Start ZK in ce-kafka repo

    ./bin/ config/

  3. Start Kafka (change logs to /tmp) in ce-kafka repo

jpzk / easy-schema-registry.txt
Created Nov 30, 2018
Easy way to delete schemas in the schema registry
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apt install peco
apt install curl
curl http://localhost:8081/subjects | jq .[] | tr -d "\"" | peco | xargs -I '{}' curl -v -X DELETE http://localhost:8081/subjects/'{}'
T-Rave /
Last active Mar 13, 2020
Alfred, Mac OS X app, full clipboard dump to text file
## Must have sqlite3 installed. Homebrew user? brew install sqlite
## Can be ran directly in command line and will place file directory where ran
## Remove `-header` if you don't want the output to have the column name `item`
## Checkout more options and Workflow -
# dumps output with list option since single column. Produces cleaner data without double quotes
sqlite3 -header -list ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 3/Databases/clipboard.alfdb "SELECT item FROM clipboard;" > clipboard-dump.txt
# dumps full table to csv format
sqlite3 -header -csv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 3/Databases/clipboard.alfdb "SELECT * FROM clipboard;" > clipboard-dump.csv
# dumps only items in descending (inverse) order with no column name
sqlite3 -list ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 3/Databases/clipboard.alfdb "SELECT item FROM clipboard ORDER BY item DESC;" > clipdump.txt
LoranKloeze /
Last active Jul 8, 2020
Special for OSX: this script grabs 802.11 probe requests from the air and puts them on your screen or in a sqlite3-db
#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
# 802.11 probe requests processor
# Copyright (C) 2017 Ralon cybersecurity
# Loran Kloeze - - @lorankloeze
# MIT license: do with it what you want but use it for good
# Tested on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 - MacBook Air
# This script grabs probe requests from the air and outputs them on the screen
# and/or saves them to a sqlite3-db.
markharwood / LoadMOTs
Created Aug 11, 2014
Script to load and geocode MOT data
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import gzip
import csv
from elasticsearch import helpers
from elasticsearch.client import Elasticsearch
import time
csv.register_dialect('piper', delimiter='|', quoting=csv.QUOTE_NONE)
# See
kaipakartik / tree.go
Created Dec 25, 2013
Exercise: Equivalent Binary Trees
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package main
import (
// Walk walks the tree t sending all values
// from the tree to the channel ch.
func Walk(t *tree.Tree, ch chan int) {
mmaassen / weblogic-shipper.conf
Last active May 11, 2019
LogStash (1.2.2) WebLogic Server shipper
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input {
## WebLogic Server Log
file {
type => "weblogic"
path => [ "/var/log/weblogic/domain/managedserver.log" ]
codec => multiline {
pattern => "^####"
negate => true
what => previous